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Charlie Nicole De La Paz

Running for Assembly District 19

Charlie Nicole De La Paz has been instrumental in the field of education where she co-founded the Parent non-profit group Power2Parent Union (P2P) which has been a huge benefit in the continuous fight for better education in Nevada. The P2P has helped put power back into the hands of parents especially pertaining to what the kids would be taught in schools. The union was developed and created in reciprocation to a controversial sex education curriculum that was being pushed by Clark County School District in 2014.

She is a very passionate advocate for children, especially ones with special needs. She has been beneficial in helping parents find their voice in their right to choose for their kids on what is taught and occurs at school with their kids. She has helped create multiple parental rights groups, mentored the creation and expansion of the Power2Parent Union nationwide as it has expanded to Idaho, Florida, Arizona, and Maryland, as well as other organizations developing in other states. She has been at the forefront of the freedom of choice, especially pertaining to education and parents' rights in relation to their children.

Charlie Nicole De La Paz grew up in Las Vegas, NV, since the age of 5 when her family moved back to the United States after her father served in Germany for the United States Army as a Captain. Her mother immigrated to United States from Mexico along with family and have become business owners and served the military. For this reason, amongst others, she is a huge supporter of the military and small businesses.

She is a mother of 4 children and as she was part of the LVMPD family for 15 years, she is a supporter of law enforcement and the family unit. She attended her school years and college education in Nevada and wants her "home" to mean "home" to everyone else. That is why she has been an advocate for stimulating the economy by opening up business, get more resources and support to small businesses, and get tourism elevated.

She runs on the political card as a Republican, but to her she wants to help both Republicans and Democrats as well as all other parties get their concerns expressed. If it stands in coordination with her beliefs and stances, she will help be a voice for that concern. She has experience lobbying and being involved in legislative sessions as she has done multiple times for Power2Parent and other social ethical issue nonprofit groups and parental rights activists.