The high-powered promotion by the democrats of their new green deal is really a big swindle
on the American people. Almost all the power to charge the cars comes from fossil fuels unless the
cars are charged overnight. So, all other charging is just delivered by a different method. If you
have a gas-powered car, a gas filler hose and pump do the job, or an electric wire for the so-
called EV vehicles, but the energy for both is produced from fossil fuels.

If that is the case, why the big switch? Is the switch based on price or range, or looks? Since
none of these serve any significant environmental purpose, it must be the environmental push
from those activists who truly believe that they can save the world and those that stand to
profit from the switch. The trouble is those that who profit are still using fossil fuels and getting our
wealth transferred to them.

So, if there is not much environmental improvement, what makes a real difference? To
us and most of the world, it is the price of diesel fuel. Almost everything we use is delivered by
some type of diesel-fueled carrier. Plus, farming is almost totally dependent on diesel. Try
running a tractor with solar panels. Ships, trains, and trucks all run on diesel. Raise that price, and
the price of everything must go up. Although not diesel, Airplanes run on Hi-octane gas or jet
fuel made, of course, from oil.

Why would the administration push so hard to get rid of gasoline and oil? Maybe, just maybe, it
is part of a globalist idea to transfer the wealth of the American people to other people in the
world. Think about it for a minute. What does the U.S. stopping exploring and developing oil
resources do for us? It does force us to buy oil from other countries, so we must send
money from the American people to those who sell us oil (which we have plenty of here) and
those who send us solar panels and batteries.

Additionally, we must purchase things from overseas that we could produce at home but can’t
because of the very high price of diesel fuel. So, instead of being a net exporter of goods, we have
to import extra things. That way, money (wealth) leaves the country and the amount of money
Americans have gone down along with their standard of living.

You’re seeing that happening right in front of your eyes. American money is going out the door, and American families cannot afford things they could afford before. An evening. out or maybe a steak. That will just be the start, as we will slide into a recession. People will lose their jobs, and more money will be needed for their support. The good news is that we are also supporting more people worldwide if they don’t suffer a recession.

The big winners are the globalists who want more money spread around so they can have
bigger markets. The Chinese now will have bigger markets to sell their lithium batteries and solar panels, and the Russians can sell their oil to more countries. Americans will just have to do with less, others need it more.

Why is this even happening the people on the left do not like what America has done?
They claim that America is racist and no good. The other side still believes in the American
dream, but you have to work for it. Which side will win? The side that has destroyed so many
countries that try those socialist plans or the one that built the greatest dream machine on
earth that works?

Mike Young has been writing opinion articles for most of his life, having been published in multiple periodicals. He is the author of numerous articles and a book on Public Speaking. A member of President Bush’s task force on infrastructure protection for water and power systems, he is presently on the Board of Trustees for Overton Power District #5 as the Secretary/Treasurer. He currently resides in Mesquite, NV.

5 thoughts on “Vantage Point: The Great Green Robbery

  1. People who care about their health might want to consider to get hair tested for “minerals.” My test results showed off-the-top of the chart heavy metals lithium and half-way up the chart of uranium.

    How did that enter my body?

  2. This article makes no sense. The writer condemns other countries for doing what the US does. Then he blames it all on democrats. It’s called capitalism and it is what this countries main ideal is. Money, money, money. If the Russians or Chinese or the Saudi’s are doing it better, maybe we need to work harder. Just because you retire and end up in some tiny house in Sunset Greens doing nothing but complaining isn’t another countries fault. Nor the left. Nor the right. It’s capitalism baby. Maybe you should complain about American oil companies who could drop the price of gas to $1.00 a gallon TODAY.

  3. Some people dismiss all negative statements for emotional reasons. Makes them squirm. Truth can also make people squirm.
    There are people who would rather die than having to learn the reasons and warnings of “complainers” that might have great impact on their wellness or national policy.

    Examples from Merriam-Webster of after-the-fact complaining, finger-pointing, scapegoating:

    “Karl wrote that Bartiromo called Barr to complain that the Department of Justice hadn’t done anything to stop Democrats from stealing the election.”

    “The Republicans who now complain these hearings are occurring in an election year have chosen to forget the national commission originally proposed would have long since been done by now — if not for Senate Republicans killing it.”

  4. Lets go Brandon, Maybe your math skills need a little refresher. Each barrel of oil contains about 30 gallons of gas after refining. So we buy for $120, send it to refinery and then sell for $30. So you think they could do that today, I’m glad you’re not running the Energy Department. But then again, nobody who knows anything about energy is running it now.

  5. My guess is Mr Young drive a car from Japan, his computer and electronics are from Asia, his clothes are from China and a Latino mows his lawn yet he complains about democrats. That’s what happens when you get old and senile. Truth is, other countries work harder. They don’t sit around whining like this article.

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