This was a letter emailed to the editor in regards to the recent statements by Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg concerning the mess of the process of air travel.

By John Thompson

Over the weekend I watched a recent interview with US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the man who has presided over historic airline chaos, including record flight cancellations, delays, lost baggage, airport wait times, etc.

He’s also played a major role in mucking up the supply chain, given that the nation’s seaports, trucking, etc. fall within his domain.

Secretary Pete, of course, has been out to lunch throughout most of this.

He explained to his host that his Department was in charge of spending nearly $1.2 trillion that had been authorized by Congress in the 2021 infrastructure bill.

“The main thing I’m thinking about,” said Secretary Pete, “is how do we make sure we take all this money, this $1.2 trillion…, and actually deliver $1.2 trillion of value?”

Ummm… shouldn’t spending $1.2 trillion on roads and bridges provide AT LEAST $1.2 trillion worth of roads and bridges?

Seriously, how terrible are these infrastructure projects if he’s worried about not achieving enough value to even justify their costs?

Does Pete also go to the grocery store and worry, “How can I spend $100 in this store and walk out with $100 worth of groceries?”

You’d think he would be striving to achieve a 10x return on that infrastructure money. But no. Pete is trying to figure out how to get 1x.

To these people, it’s a monumental achievement to NOT squander the majority of funds entrusted to them by taxpayers.

And that’s ultimately why we cannot rely on them to fix their own mistakes.

The people in charge have engineered so many problems. They are responsible for everything from inflation and economic malaise, right down to the baby formula shortage.

And it’s not just one person shaking hands with thin air. It’s the clueless, astonishingly incompetent cadre below who consistently make things worse.

The good news is that while you cannot depend on government officials to ride to the rescue, you can rely on yourself.

I don’t mean for that to be a cheesy cliché. Sure, if taking United Airlines from Houston to New York, you still have to deal with Secretary Pete’s incompetence.

But we do have much more control over our lives and livelihoods than they want us to realize.

Even with these lunatics in charge, we have tremendous power over our own prosperity, our health, our children’s education, and more.

There are still oceans of opportunity in the world– job opportunities, business opportunities, investment opportunities, lifestyle opportunities, etc.

Bottom line: you’re in charge of you. Not Secretary Pete. Not Hunter Biden’s dad. Not anyone else. And you don’t need to allow yourself to become a victim of their ineptitude.

To your freedom,

2 thoughts on “To Your Freedom: Where Are You Pete?

  1. John, is this the interview where Pete destroyed the Fox News host? I read about that although it is not too difficult to embarrass a Fox News host. Have you been watching the 1/6 hearings? They have been horrifying. The fat orange guy tried and is still trying to overthrow the government. The evidence, all from the Trump insiders at the White House, has been overwhelming. Trump was told by everyone at the White House that he lost the election. However, he continued to listen to the wackos like Flynn, Rudy, Powell, and others. (The videos of Powell being deposed were hilarious as she was drinking a can of diet Doctor Pepper. The worst Doctor Pepper commercial ever! Trump almost issued an executive order to have the Army seize all the voting machines and was going to appoint Powell as a special prosecutor. Scary stuff.

    The one interesting point from yesterday was when the former Oath Keepers media person made a point that 1/6 actually started at the Bundy Ranch in 2014. Were you here then? The Oath Keepers were the ones with the long guns who protected Cliven Bundy and helped him get his cattle back from the BLM. (Not that BLM) They threatened federal agents but were never held accountable. They tried to hold Cliven and his son’s accountable, but a crazy judge let them off. Thus 1/6 was fomented.

    The next big congressional inquiry is why the Saudi’s gave Jered Kushner $2Trillion to take care of. Stay tuned.

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