A July 4th Message to the church

If we’re ever going to survive in this harsh world, we must band together physically and spiritually.

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” was the motto of the American Revolution. Later, as America was being ripped apart by the slavery debate, Abraham Lincoln used this same prophetic statement but quoted the original source, which was Jesus.

Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (Matthew 12:25)

Jesus is saying that any kingdom, even Satan’s, and any house divided in what it stands for will eventually fall, which would apply to families, businesses, and even the church.

If we think God will somehow bless us when we’re divided, then we don’t realize how much division grieves the heart of God. In fact, out of six things the Lord says He hates, those who cause division is number six (Proverbs 6:16-19). The reason why division grieves the heart of God and why He hates it is because division undermines His work of grace. 

It doesn’t matter how good or orthodox the doctrine might be or how great the worship may be; unless division, strife, slander, and in-fighting are conquered, then it’s all in vain.

The Holy Spirit cannot bless where the Spirit of unity does not exist.

The unity of believers is a powerful testimony.

In His prayer, Jesus said, “That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me … May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.” (John 17:21, 23)

Unity also allows God’s church to function as He intended because it’s by such unity that God pours out His grace.

Look at the first church and how it grew and fulfilled its Great Commission when they were unified.

“All the believers were one in heart and mind … (and) with great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all.” (Acts 4:32-33) 

Dennis Lee is the Senior Pastor at Living Waters Fellowship, located at 211 West 1st South, behind ACE Hardware.

This Sunday at the 10 a.m. service, Pastor Dennis’s message will be on “Jacob’s Ladder.”

Sunday at 6 p.m. service, Pastor Mike Rowden’s message will be, “Paul’s Witness, Pattern of Prayer& Praise Unto God.” (1 Timothy 1:12-20).

Wednesday Evening Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies begins at 6 p.m.

Our services can be watched live or at a time best suited for your needs on our YouTube Channel, “Mesquite NV Living Waters Fellowship,” or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Living-Waters-Fellowship-Mesquite-Foursquare-Church-323286096181/

4 thoughts on “Partake of the Living Waters: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

  1. Amen! What I love about that scripture in John 17:21-23 mentioned here is that 3 times in the whole passage of scripture, Jesus points out in His prayer for us, “that the world may believe that you have sent me”. Our witness to the lost depends greatly on them seeing unity, love and grace among believers.

  2. Debbie, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your comment. Take care and God bless

  3. So sad to see so much divisiveness in the Church (you and me). We are to be recognized by our love for one another and I am reminded of the two great Commandments stated by Jesus. If we all walked with a Biblical World View this divisiveness would disappear!

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