Mesquite, NV-

The Nonprofit Organization, Mesquite Works! located in the Mesquite Plaza, at 312 W. Mesquite Blvd, has been trying to help businesses and the local economy with issues plaguing society nowadays. One such issue is businesses needing workers and not having the applicants to hire. 

Mesquite City Councilman Wes Boger knows it is a big issue not just within Mesquite but on a national level. “Locally, we have figured out a few things that may be a part of the source of the problem. Mesquite Works! has done a lot of research, and one such issue they are looking at right now is the lack of childcare options.”

Mesquite Works! Co-Creator and Mesquite Councilman George Gault said, “Mesquite Works! has put together a survey to help us understand the need for childcare. We are using those statistics to help us look at our options and see what steps we can take to help kickstart an initiative to provide or get childcare options here.”

Gault wanted to remind people that for action to be taken on childcare options, they need the statistics, data, and information to help push the initiative for Mesquite to be able to provide or have childcare options. 

“We are looking at everything we can to help our community and its residents with childcare, but in order to have the options, we need feedback from our residents and community to kickstart this initiative,” said Gault. 

Shaylynn Ruth has created the survey and started advertising it on social media. The survey can be found at the Child Care Survey or by visiting There is also a QR Code you can scan if using a mobile device (see below).

Mesquite Works! started this survey over a month ago with no deadline for survey submissions. However, they do need more surveys filled out. They also know they need to end the survey soon. Help out the Mesquite Works! by filling out the survey. 

For more information about Mesquite Works! visit their Website @ You can also visit their Facebook Page @ Their phone is (702) 613-0699.

They also run a Facebook Page titled “Mesquite Nevada Jobs,” in which employers post open positions needed to fill. This can be found at

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