The VVTG Youth Summer Theatre Program found the golden spotlight of success with 101 Dalmatians performed by the younger children of the VVTG Youth Summer Theatre Program. (Photos: Jason Andrus)

The Mesquite Community Theatre children’s program found golden success with the play 101 Dalmatians performed in the spotlights at the Mesquite Community Theatre at 150 N Yucca St on last Friday and Saturday in Mesquite. Local community members were well entertained on June 24, 2022, at 7:00 pm and June 25, 2022, at 2:00 pm.

“We were nearly sold out at both performances,” said VVTG Youth Theatre Program Director Wendy Wolfe-Killinger. “The children did very well.”

The performances are part of the Virgin Valley Theatre Group Youth Summer Theatre Program.  The program was started last year by Wendy Wolfe-Killinger and Mitzi Bender.

Last week on the 17th and 18th of June, they held performances for Beauty and the Beast which both performances sold out. The play was done by the older youth of the program. 101 Dalmatians was the time for the younger children to be in the spotlight. 

“These kids only had about 10 days of practice and they fully accomplished a successful hit,” said Killinger. “They had a lot of fun and the crowd loved it.”

Cruella De Vil (Bianca Cortez) stole the show as she makes devious plans with Horace and Jaspar (Carter White and James Trimming)

The best acclaim of praise went to the actress who played the infamous villain, Cruella De Vil. The young actress is 8-year-old Bianca Cortez.

“She is so good,” said Killinger about the young actress. “So talented! She was totally dedicated and had a willingness to work hard.”

Wendy Wolfe-Killinger wanted to express thanks to the community and the parents of the youth for being so supportive. Also, she wanted to express gratitude to the team who helped coordinate and put the program together. She also expressed thanks to Karen Fielding for providing the pizza for the kids, the UPS Store, and the Virgin Valley Artists Association, and the biggest thank you to John and Nancy Rosen for being their biggest fans and donors.

“I have no complaints about this year, it went almost perfectly,” said Wendy. “My only thing we need to change for next year is to add another performance time next year for both plays.”

The four canine narrators relay the story of the spotted heroes. (Taylor Green, Adriana Estrada, Savannah Woods, and Cooper Woods)

The director stated they are already talking about next year from ideas of what to do, who will be coming back for the youth and team, what the community will like to see, and what the kids will like to do for the play. All of the funds raised from ticket sales will go back into the program and be used for next year.

The Virgin Valley Theatre Group will continue to do performances throughout the year. For more information about their performances, upcoming shows, and the youth program visit their website at

Cast & Production Team of 101 Dalmations

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