Mesquite, NV, June 24th @ 5:45 pm PACIFIC-

Northbound Interstate 15 has become a massive pain to travelers as well as a huge bad mark on the Nevada Department of Transportation and the Arizona Department of Transportation again. Once again, the flow of traffic has been affected by the lane closure that has caused backups and congestion for traffic in two areas.

The first spot is on the Arizona side, at the Virgin River Bridge Project at the Beaver Dam/Littlefield exit. The project continues with it being one lane on both NB and SB sides of I-15. The NB takes longer due to the merging of the NB on-ramp from Beaver Dam and Littlefield. Many travelers are getting off at Exit 122 in Mesquite and going up Hillside Drive to Beaver Dam to try and get back on the I-15 there and bypass the traffic jam.

The other place that is taking a while is on the Nevada side at mm 112-118. The lane is closed down to one lane while they do more work on the bridge overpass at approximately mm 117.

Mormon Mesa is having some work done and in parts on both sides of the freeway, they are down to one lane at certain times during the day. Travelers are reporting getting through the Mesa work in good time on SB, but a whole different story on NB. Backed up all the way across the Mesa to about mm 100 Carp Elgin.

The weather is up in the 100s and has lots of dry heat. A Red Flag is in place for Fire Risk. Make plans to have plenty of water and gasoline for the extra time. Also, check your tires.

The best times to travel with less traffic are early in the morning before 8:00 am Pacific and in the evenings after 10:00 pm Pacific.

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Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others when merging. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!

One thought on “Traffic Update: NB Becoming an Everyday Pain

  1. if the ADOT put an employee at that exit eight and stopped the traffic off old 91 and the thru traffic cheaters N/B on ramp to I-15 a lot of jam ups would be eliminated. Maybe the Sheriffs, AHP could assist. Just a dreamer!

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