Mesquite, NV, June 23rd @ 11:45 am PACIFIC-

Northbound Interstate 15 was backed up by Beaver Dam/Littlefield Exit due to a broken-down vehicle within the work zone blocking the one open lane. The vehicle was just beyond the Virgin River Bridge on the northern side where construction is and still where it is down to one lane. It was backed up and a bit of a wait.

About 5 minutes ago, we heard a report that the vehicle was finally moved out of the way and traffic is starting to flow again. No reports on the make or model of the vehicle.

Even with the vehicle out of the way now, there still is some backing up due to the work zone and it is one lane. The Northbound onramp from Beaver Dam is open and making the flow of traffic slower than usual due to merging.

There is some congestion building up on top of the Mormon Mesa in between Overton/Logandale and Mesquite on the NB I-15. The lanes are down to one lane due to NDOT construction. They are also working on the Southbound side, but at moment it has been clear today with no problems with traffic.

It may be cooler today but it still is 99 with low 100s for a high. A Red Flag is in place for Fire Risk. Make plans to have plenty of water and gasoline for the extra time. Also, check your tires. They have had a couple of recent small bushfires from cigarettes thrown out. No throwing cigarettes out.

The best times to travel with less traffic are early in the morning before 8:00 am Pacific and in the evenings after 10:00 pm Pacific.

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Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others when merging. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!

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