Agricultural products will be available to purchase at the Bunkerville Market as well as products of all kinds. (Photo: Courtesy of Ika Greens, Moapa, Nevada)

The Bunkerville Market will be happening for the second time tonight from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the Community Center in Bunkerville, Nevada. The market will offer local small businesses and individuals that offer a wide range of products and services. The market is the brainchild of Moapa Valley Resident Cally Wade. She started the Moapa Valley Second Saturday market in Logandale, Nevada, and found it to be a huge success so she went through all the red tape and regulations, licensing, and everything and got one going in Bunkerville last month in May.

“The first one was a success, even though it was on the same day as Virgin Valley High School’s graduation,” said Cally Wade. “We still had a great turnout for the first one.”

Wade started the markets after realizing during the pandemic the fact that both valleys of Moapa Valley and Virgin Valley were so cut off from the rest of the main suppliers of food, essentials, and things needed to survive in life.

“Why are we relying on major companies when we have better quality products in our own community,” emphatically stated Wade. “Our valleys need to be more self-sufficient like the older days of farmer markets.”

Thus the idea sparked interest with friends and family and residents of Moapa Valley leading to a successful market at the OLSHACS building in Logandale and now spread over to Virgin Valley and Mesquite communities.

Natural homegrown farm products are one of the main products that can be found in the market. Ika Greens an all-natural organic farm in Moapa, Nevada, will be present at the market today to sell their microgreens and farm products. Craft and art vendors, vintage/antique vendors, food vendors, and even people who just need to “clean out the closet” will be present.

“We have all types of small businesses and vendors that will be selling,” said Cally Wade. “A wide variety.”

The market will be again at the Bunkerville Community Center, both inside and outside, from 4:00 pm-8:00 pm today, Wednesday, June 22nd. It will continue to be every 4th Wednesday each month at the moment. The location is 150 W Virgin St in Bunkerville.

For more information about the Bunkerville Market or the 2nd Saturday Market in Moapa Valley, call Cally Wade at (702) 423-2940.

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