Mesquite, NV-

Frankly, my dear…. you should give a damn as the winds have caused a lot of dust and more to be blown about in the last week. A Red Warning for strong winds and low humidity remains in effect until 9 pm. Wind speeds are averaging 20-30 mph with a current of 24 mph. Some gusts will get up to about 50+ mph.

The weather will be a nice high of 95°F today with a low of 69°F. It is predicted to be sunny and cloudy throughout the day. Currently, it is cloudy. It may look stormy but no rain is predicted. 0% chance of moisture.

It will be less windy tomorrow with 11 mph winds and gusts up to 30 mph. Sunnier, but a little cooler, with a high of 89°F and a low of 65°F. Only the Fire Re Flag Warning should be active tomorrow.

Monday will be back up to triple digits with a high of 102°F and stay in triple digits through Saturday with a high of 107°F.

Again, the Red Flag Warnings are in effect for the wind and the high risk of fire. Please be cautious if burning anything or cooking outdoors.

Today’s Forecast for Mesquite, NV (The Weather Channel,

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