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The Nevada Primary Election votes are still being counted out but predicted winners are being announced throughout today. It was reported that though they still were finishing out 147 people in Las Vegas past the closing of polls, there still was a lack of voters according to multiple voters and election workers.

“It was empty more than half of the time,” stated an anonymous election worker.

The results of the elections that have direct jurisdiction concerning Mesquite are presented below. The other results can be found at

The biggest news so far is the Republican race for the Nevada Governor position. With 15 candidates, this was one of the biggest fields running for an elected position. LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo is predicted as the winner securing 66,984 (38.35%) over Joey Gilbert in 2nd with 48,147 (27.57%) and only 15% of votes left to be counted.

Joe Lombardo has secured the prediction of being the Republican nomination for NV Governor (Photo: Joe Lombardo for Governor;

On the Democratic Party side, it was an easy win for current Governor Steve Sisolak who won with 88.69% (103,193) of the vote over Tom Collins with 7.52% (8,753). 78% of the votes have been counted.

The next bigger races were for the US Government positions.

For the US Senate, Adam Laxalt leads the results with 97,830 (56.08%) and has been predicted as the winner with 85% of the vote in. Sam Brown holds the runner-up position with 59,470 (34.09%).

On the Democratic side, the current Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is dominating the vote with 90.31% of the votes (105,071). 78% of the vote results are in.

(Photo: Sam Peters for Congress;
(Photo: Annie Black for Congress;

Sam Peters is currently the predicted winner of the US House for Nevada District 4 election race over local Mesquite resident Annie Black.

US House District 4 is currently still being counted with 68% reported. At the moment, Sam Peters leads with 17,652 (47.99%) ballot counts, a slight lead over Assemblywoman Annie Black who has 15,133 (41.14%). A few media groups have predicted Sam Peters the winner, but still, 32% of votes are left unaccounted for at moment.

No one is running against Steven Horsford for the Democrats, so Horsford will be the Democratic nomination for District 4.

Nevada Lieutenant Governor has Stavros Anthony leading for the Republicans with 52,451 (30.77%) over Walter Grady with 41,900 (24.58%) and John Miller with 27,392 (16.07%). 83% of votes counted.

The Democrats are led by Elizabeth Cano Burkhead as the predicted winner with 63,347 (55.66%) over Debrah March with 28,497 (25.04%) and 76% of the results in.

Nevada Secretary of State has been predicted to go to Jim Marchant with 37.97% (64,047) of the ballot counts and 82% of final results reported. The runner-up is Jesse Haw (20.09%, 33,886).

No Democratic candidate running for Secretary of State for Primaries. Cisco Aguilar moved on to Generals for Democrat Party.

NV Attorney General is led by Sigal Chattah on the Republican side as the predicted winner over Tisha Black. Chattah has secured 51.03% of the vote with a current total of 86,711. Tisha Black has 39.87% (67,750). Democrats’ election is easily being won by Aaron Ford with 87,476 (79.80%) over Stuart MacKie holding 14,288 (13.03%).

Nevada State Controller only has Democratic candidates running for primary. Ellen Spiegel (52,895; 63.52%) is winning easily over Alex Costa (23,097; 27.74%). Andy Matthews advanced on for the Republicans as he was running unopposed.

Michele Fiore is leading the Nevada State Treasurer race over Manny Kess. She currently leads as the predicted winner with 104,010 (61.58%) compared to Kess’s 49,728 (29.44%). 82% of the Republican race is in. Zach Conine advanced for the Democrats, as he had no other candidates run against him.

(Photo: Toby Yurek;
(Photo: Charlie Nicole De La Paz;

As for the replacement of Assemblywoman Annie Black, the NV Assembly District 19 race is not as close as predicted as Toby Yurek has secured the prediction of the winner. He has secured 3,322 (42.04%) of the votes while Moapa Valley resident Charlie De La Paz sits in the runner-up position (1,767; 22.36%).

The State Senate District 12 race is being led by Republican Cherylynn Arrington and Democrat Julie Pazina. Arrington leads over April Arndt with 3,675 and 56.87% and 94% of the vote count is in. Arndt has 2,787 and 43.13%. In the Democratic race, Pazina leads with 3,419 votes (57.34%) compared to Lisa Guzman with 2,544 votes (42.66%) with 98% of the votes counted.

The Clark County Sheriff Race affects Bunkerville and Moapa Valley with Kevin McMahill leading with 88,169 votes over Tom Roberts (36,072) and Stan Hyt (23,252). It is not reported how much is left on votes to count.

Clark County Commission District B is not up for election this year and still is filled by Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

Clark County Recorder is being led by John Evans for the Republicans (57,477; 66.17%) over Traci Drake (29,391; 33.83%). Clark County Recorder Democrat Candidates are being led by Debbie Conway (63,188; 79%) over Hunter Cain (16,792; 21%).

The Clark County Treasurer is a close race on both the Red and Blue sides. For the Red, Mitchell Tracy is leading with 32,144 (36.97%) votes compared to Kevin Child’s 24,978 (28.73%). For the Blue, Ken Diaz leads with 37,793 (48.85%) over Kenneth O’Sullivan with 16,143 (20.87%).

Steve Wolfson leads the CC District attorney race in hopes of reclaiming the position. (Photo: Clark County, NV;

Clark County District Attorney is currently led by incumbent Steve Wolfson (50,189; 59.47%) over Ozzie Fumo (34,201; 40.53%). There was only one Republican candidate who moves on to General Elections, Timothy Treffinger.

Clark County Public Administrator election is being contested on both sides of the two major parties. The Republican’s race is almost a 50/50 split with Patsy Brown leading with 50.25% (43,382) of the vote, squeezing over Patrick Casale’s 49.75% (42,942). The Democrats are currently being led by Caroline Escobar (26,958; 34.56%) over Rita Page Reid (26,551; 24.04%) and Rob Telles (24,500; 31.41%). Still too close to call for these races.

The Election Races are still being counted and this article will be updated as results come in.

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