Mesquite, NV-

The City of Mesquite had one primary election race that had to be performed. That one primary election race was for the City of Mesquite City Council Seat #4 position. Mesquite City Clerk Tracy Beck announced that the unofficial results as of 12:28 am on July 14, 2022, were still waiting on final approval by Clark County and Nevada.

“There may still be some ballots coming in by mail,” said Beck. “So every vote has to count for it to be official.”

However, the unofficial results had Incumbent Karen Dutkowski with over an 800 vote lead over the other candidates.

City Council Seat #4 Incumbent – Karen Dutkowski (City of Mesquite;

Karen Dutkowski is unofficially the winner of the Primary Election Race for City Council Seat #4 with a total of 1,884 votes and a 41.51% of the tally.

Behind her as runner-up was a close race between Paul Wanless and Kim Walters. Paul Wanless edged out Kim Walters for runner-up by a mere 19 votes.

Paul Wanless received 1,072 votes (23.62%) and Kim Walters had 1,053 votes (23.20%). The last candidate Cathy Schiring had 530 votes and 11.68% of the vote.

There were several other primary elections that impact Mesquite and nearby areas under the direction of Clark County and Nevada.

Duane Thurston (Photo: Clark County, NV;

The first Clark County positions that impact Mesquite and surrounding communities include the Constable positions. The Mesquite Constable was run by only one candidate, the Incumbent Duane Thurston who had the full support of the voters, getting 100% of the vote (3,982).

Bunkerville Constable was totally different as three candidates vied for the position. Jace Haviland, Chad Jensen, and Erik Laub all put on a good closely-contested race. The unofficial winner is Erik Laub getting 69 votes (43.40%). However, the other two were right on his heels. Jace Haviland had 50 votes (31.45%) and Chad Jensen had 40 votes (25.16%).

A couple of surprises in the Moapa Valley Constable as retired LVMPD resident officer Mark Harding dominated a loaded race. Harding received 56.21% of the vote while Vernon Dimick in second only got 21.70% of the vote. The surprise was the low votes received for former LVMPD resident Sergeant Bret Empey who received 11.72% of the vote. Mark Harding received 873 votes (56.21%), Vernon Dimick received 337 votes (21.70%), Bret Empey received 182 (11.72%), and Jacob Jensen received 161 (10.37%).

The Moapa Township Constable only had one person running, Joshua Jensen with 145 votes (100%).

Once again Nevada had a very low turnout for voting. The unofficial statistics for voter turnout was that 17.17% of registered voters showed up to vote or mailed in their votes. According to the Silver State Elections site, in 2020 primary elections had a 29.51% turnout for voting. (Silver State Elections; Nevada is at the bottom of the state’s list of voter turnout and has been for years. This year for the primary elections, Republicans had 31.55% votes recorded while Democrats had a 19.12% voter turnout.

“The voting process and elections went well, but it was a bad turnout for the primary elections voting,” said Beck. “Hopefully, with the snowbirds returning and with raised awareness for the generals, we will have a better voter turnout.”

Nevada had a 77.26% voting turnout in the 2020 General Elections which was way higher than the average of 67% for Nevada General Elections.

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