If your kids are complaining about being bored or they need something to do inside to beat the heat, consider reading a book with them.  As a parent, there is no other activity more important than reading when it comes to the overall success of your child.  Many studies have found that reading to pre-school age children is related to improved language growth, emergent literacy, and reading achievement.  Reading to children also helps develop a bond with your child and it helps them increase their concentration.  It will also aide their imagination and creativity, not to mention improving academic outcomes.

Luckily in the Virgin Valley area we have the Las Vegas Clark County Library District to help!  We have access to the Bunkerville, Mesquite and Moapa Valley libraries. These libraries provide a fantastic summer reading program for youth and adults.  The LVCCLD Summer Challenge started on May 15th but it isn’t too late to join.  Reading can be tracked online or on a paper print out available at the Bunkerville, Moapa, or Mesquite branch library.  All of these locations have tremendous staff members that go above and beyond to make your experience at the library a positive one.  The Summer Challenge also includes a coloring contest and other activities that are able to be tracked in order to win prizes.  Prizes include items from the Library District Foundation Bookstores, coupons for Pizza Hut, solar powered chargers and a chance to win tickets to Illuminarium at Area 15.  A complete description of prizes and the levels are available at https://lvccld.org/summerchallenge/.

If you think you don’t have time to read for yourself or to your kids, have you ever thought about listening to books on CD?  You can also set up an account through the library to download audio books right to your phone.  These can be enjoyed on a walk, in the car, or even while you are shopping.  Audio books also free up your hands and allow you to enjoy some of those not so fun tasks that you might be taking on this summer.

The library district offers much more to our community than books.  They have DVDs, activities for children of all ages, adult events, and a variety of programs.  There is something for everyone at the library.

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