AZ Congressman Paul Gosar will make a visit to Scenic, AZ tonight, Friday, June 10th. (Paul Gosar,

Scenic, AZ-

In just about an hour at 7:00 pm, Congressman Paul Gosar will be making an appearance at the Scenic Fire Station at 489 E. Elbow Canyon Road on the corner of Elbow Canyon and Western within Scenic town limits.

This Town Hall will be a “meet and greet” opportunity for northwestern Arizona residents to express concerns and ask questions to the Congressman of the 9th District.

Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar is running for re-election this year. The main items on his platform include Border Security, Illegal Immigration, Election Fraud, 2nd Amendment Rights, Stopping Government Waste, and Protecting the Unborn.

Again, the Town Hall meeting is at 7:00 pm tonight, Friday, June 10th, at the Scenic Fire Station, located at 489 E. Elbow Canyon Road.

For more information about Congressman Paul Gosar, attend the meeting or visit his website at

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