Notorious Christian and Olive Tree Ministries, Inc. Founder, Jan Markell will have a special presentation of “Understanding the Times” broadcasted to Living Waters Fellowship on Thursday night. (Courtesy of Living Waters Fellowship)

Mesquite, NV-

The Living Waters Fellowship located at 211 1st South St. Suite C will be broadcasting a special event on Thursday from 5 to 8 pm. The event is a special program presented by Jan Markell of “Understanding the Times” with special guests Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley, both published writers, teachers, and pastors. A deep discussion will be on their book “Global Reset.”

According to Google Books, Global Reset “will open readers’ eyes and alert them to how world leaders are using the “Great Reset” agenda to seize pandemics, natural disasters and catastrophes, civil disorder, political unrest, and other current events to reshape every facet of life—all pointing toward the universal economy and godless global government of the Antichrist.”

Pastor Dennis Lee of Living Waters Fellowship stated it will be live-streamed and there is no charge to attend.

Jan Markell is the founder and Director of Olive Tree Minsitries, Inc. and has been in ministry since 1975. Her program “Understanding the Times” takes a biblical look and approach to modern events, times, and controversies with world leaders and church leaders as special guests. She has published several books and over 300 articles.

For more information about the event, visit the website of Living Waters Fellowship at or contact them by phone at (702) 346-8558.

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