The Benefit Performers include (L to R): John Norwig, Mike Rye, Linda Villanueva, Paul Villanueva, and Emcee Pericles Rellas

Mesquite, NV-

The local big music headliner, Mesquite Cafe Blues Band played a benefit for the Mesquite Toes Dance Group on Saturday, June 4, 2022, which started at 1:00 pm and lasted for 2 hours.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon at the Local Mesquite Theater, but the temperature inside of the Theater was even hotter! When the Mesquite Cafe Blues Band started rocking out on that stage, the temperature rose and so did the band! They were hooting and hollering and had that place rocking!
It was an amazing afternoon as people entered the theater for a benefit concert hosted by the Mesquite Cafe Blues Band and friends. They put together a benefit concert to help the Mesquite Toes Dance Group.

Meeting the performers was so much fun!

The performers for the day included Mike Rye and John Norwig, who opened the show. Mike performed songs from John Denver, The Eagles, and The Beatles. He also had the crowd laughing and singing about Golf! His rendition of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “16 Tons” remixed to “16 Holes” had the crowd in stitches. Another crowd favorite was “Birdie to Boogie”! Rye has been performing for decades and is a true professional entertainer.

The Mesquite Cafe Blues Band then came on stage and lit it up. Linda Villanueva, the lead singer, had people moving in their seats along with her as she rocked it up on that stage. John Norwig played the harmonica like there was no tomorrow and as it echoed in that old building it was just perfect.

Paul Villanueva, the lead guitarist stated that they had been doing several performances recently and had several planned. They have 4 music CDs available and you can find their music on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.

The Mesquite Toes Dance Group is very passionate about dance and reducing the risk of dementia. In a flier that was shared with potential members of the group, it states that “senior citizens worry that dementia could creep into our lives. When you can’t think of a word, or you walk into a room to get something and forget what you came for, are common events. The fact that dancing on a regular basis can help prevent the risk of dementia is exciting.

Dancing improves our mental health in many ways and being around others brings a sense of belonging. The Mesquite Toes Dance group is also very active in the community. They are looking for new members to join them. If you are interested in dancing and want to be a part of the team you can reach out to Marge Westwood at 385-241-1122 or email her at

The Mesquite Café Blues Band has its own website at You can find out more information about their band, and upcoming performances, buy their new CD “Oozing Da Blues”, or book them for a performance at an event.

The Mesquite Café Blues Band’s next scheduled show is for the Summertime Blues Star-Spangled Shamble on Monday, July 4, 2022, at Oasis Golf Club and Grill. This event is a golf tournament followed by a dinner and party afterward and an adult-only affair. The celebration and dancing start at 6:30 pm and end at 10:00 pm. For more information about the Summertime Blues Star-Spangled Shamble see the following flyer.

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