A Rollover accident on I-15 blocked the southbound lanes by mm 107 for a couple of hours on Friday. (Photo: Courtesy of Clark County Fire and Rescue)

Mesquite, NV-

Captain Spencer Lewis of Mesquite Fire and Rescue reported as the Public Information Officer to the Virgin River Times about the two messy accidents on the Interstate 15 southbound lanes that occurred yesterday, Friday, May 27, 2022. Captain Lewis filled in the details that is released to the public of both incidents.

A little before 10:00 am on Southbound Interstate 15, a traffic accident involving two vehicles, in which one rolled over happened at approximately mm 107. The location is on top of Mormon Mesa and in between Carp Elgin (mm 100) and Bunkerville (mm 112).

One of two vehicles involved in the first accident at mm 107. (Photo: Courtesy of Clark County Fire and Rescue)

Clark County Fire and Rescue out of Bunkerville, Nevada was called to assist Moapa Valley Fire Department on the scene. The scene involved a darker grey passenger vehicle being hit from behind by a white utility-style SUV/van and losing control causing a rollover, and blocking both lanes. It involved 5 people; 2 in more serious conditions were transported to UMC in Las Vegas and the other 3 were transported to Mesa View Hospital in Mesquite. Traffic was stopped for a little over an hour before one lane was opened. The scene was cleared within a couple of hours.

The second incident involved a semi-truck trailer that ended up on the wrong side of the freeway. This accident occurred at approximately 12:35 pm. According to reports, the driver of a Swift Transportation Semi-truck trailer was heading on northbound lanes of I-15 and suddenly crossed the median into the southbound lanes colliding with two passenger vehicles and ending up on the outer shoulder after ramming through the guard rail.

The semi ended up on the wrong side of the freeway and caused a 3-vehicle accident. (Photo: Courtesy of Mesquite Fire and Rescue)

The incident happened at approximately mm 121 in between the two major Mesquite exits. The semi-truck stopped just under the Grapevine Rd. Overpass. The incident involved 3 vehicles and 6 people. The two passenger vehicles were a Black Mercedes and a Green SUV. The Green SUV did not stop at the scene of the accident, but left the scene and stopped at Del Taco off of exit 120 and called 911. A separate ambulance and a separate police unit reported to that vehicle and checked on the status of the occupants of the vehicle and filled out the accident report. No one was seriously injured.

According to the statement from the Swift Transportation driver, he had a bird that came right at his windshield and he swerved to miss it and lost control. No official statements on if any citations were issued. Both Nevada Highway Patrol and Mesquite Police were on scene. Nevada State Police took lead on the incident and investigation of the accident.

“It was very lucky that this accident with the semi did not result in any serious injuries or even death,” said Captain Lewis. “It really could have been a lot worse.”

Both incidents have been deducted to be from distracted driving and/or speed-related. The 2nd accident was on the shoulder so traffic was only stopped temporarily and then resumed with one lane open until the investigation finished about an hour later.

“It is Memorial Day Weekend and a lot of people are traveling. We all need to pay attention and drive with respect and recognition of other drivers,” finalized Captain Lewis with a word of advice.

The article is based on the information released to the media and statements of personnel on the scene.

Virgin River Times wishes everyone a safe Memorial Day Weekend. Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!


1st Incident (Photos Courtesy of Clark County Fire and Rescue)

2nd Incident (Photos Courtesy of Mesquite Fire and Rescue)

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  1. I’m always cautious around trucks 🚚 but especially when they are SWIFT.
    Suggest you all do the same folks.

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