The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Scenic, AZ announced earlier today, that they will be closed to tours until further notice. (Photo courtesy of The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue)

Scenic, AZ-

Many residents of Mesquite, Scenic, Beaver Dam/Littlefield, and other surrounding communities noticed an announcement on social media from the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue within Scenic, AZ. The announcement stated that the Donkey Rescue will be closed until further notice.

Many people immediately panicked and started asking why and wanted to know if the animals were okay. After reaching out to the Donkey Rescue, Joan Dunkle, the satellite director of the rescue answered a few of those concerns.

“We are not closed! We are closed for tours,” said Dunkle.

Joan went on and explained the donkey rescue is a working ranch and due to being short-staffed and the extreme heat during the summer months, they close down the tours for the health and well-being of the animals.

“The animals are our primary concern,” said Dunkle. “The animals are healthy and everything is good. We just have to make sure the animals are taken care of.”

As for the expected reopening of tours, Joan emphasized she was still waiting on the Corporate Training Center in Texas to announce a schedule or date of being open to the public again. She also mentioned if any events occur and they are able to attend, then they will be there.

“We are not closing and everything is okay,” restated Joan Dunkle. “We are simply taking a break from giving tours.”

The rescue in Scenic is a “satellite” of the national non-profit with 75 locations throughout the United States (except Alaska) and the Caribbean.

As for the rescue, they are still taking donations to help with the animals. You can find more information about the non-profit organization online at their website. You can also make donations there or locally by personal delivery if close relationships with the rescue or by mailing to:

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

PO Box 1094

Mesquite, NV 89024

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