The highly anticipated wait is over and the wave of relief has finally washed over them. The Class of 2022 have officially graduated and has started their journeys in the world. Virgin River Times High School Intern, Hector Ruiz had the chance to speak with a few of the seniors and ask them a couple of questions.

Erin Ofori, Former VVHS Senior Class President

Former Senior Class President Erin Ofori tells us her plans for the future. (Photo: Perla Herrera)

The plans of many Senior Students were clear and direct and they are determined to get where they need and want to be. Erin Ofori gave us a few of her plans for after high school, she plans on studying pre-law at Prairie View A&M University which is an HBCU in Texas, after that she then plans to go to law school.

Vanessa Parra, VVHS Musician

Another senior, Vanessa Parra answered that she plans on taking up her goal of becoming a Veterinary Technician, and in 10 years she sees herself living in a big city away from Mesquite.

Vanessa Parra is pictured with Ruiz after her interview (Photo: Perla Herrera)

Madison Gant, VVHS Writer

Madison Gant is going to college to get her Generals and she plans on switching colleges and doing something bigger. She’s going with the flow of life and will see where life takes her 10 years from now.

Madison Gang is pictured with her mom. (Photo: Madison Gant)

Jennifer Calzada, VVHS All-Around Talent

Jennifer Calzada, when asked for her advice gave us this gem, “Don’t fail your classes because you’re going to have to do after school in a couple of years” she sees herself with no kids in 10 years and is going to Reno to Job Corps.

Jennifer Calzada brought smiles to our faces as her bright personality answered the questions. (Photo: Perla Herrera)

Leslie Torres, VVHS Artist

Leslie Torres when asked said she felt excited that high school was over with. She gave similar advice as Jennifer but added “Don’t forget that attendance will start counting next year so make sure you watch out for that.” She is going to Dixie State to study Nursing and sees herself already in the medical field 10 years from now.

Leslie Torres explains her plans for her future after graduation
(Photo: Perla Herrera)

Nina Miramontes, VVHS State Champion Flag Football QB

Nina Miramontes said she felt a lot better and had lots of relief because high school was draining. Her next big step is finishing her CSN courses. 10 years from now she sees herself, in her words “rich as #@$&.” Her advice for future classes is “High school doesn’t last forever, so don’t stress about the little stuff and have fun.”

Nina Miramontes tells us her plans on being super-rich in 10 years’ time. Best wishes for her goals. (Photo: Perla Herrera)

Elsa Whipple, VVHS Basketball Athlete

Elsa Whipple felt weird about graduation she said it had all hit her and she was still processing the fact that she has to be an adult now accompanied by laughter. Her next step is to go to Dixie State College and is going to study to be an Architect Engineer. She sees herself hopefully graduating from college and maybe married with a job. Her advice was simple but very relevant. “Don’t procrastinate and enjoy high school because it doesn’t last forever.”

“Don’t procrastinate and enjoy high school because it doesn’t last forever” – Elsa Whipple
(Photo: Perla Herrera)

Marli Wakefield, VVHS Early Grad, and Softball Athlete

Finally, I got to speak to one of, if not the only juniors graduating early this year. She said she felt super good to be over with high school so soon. She’s going to Dixie and also plans on going to Medical School. 10 years from now, she wants to see herself being a doctor, making bank and she hopes to have a family.

Marli Wakefield recounts how she plans on going to med school and becoming a doctor
(Photo: Perla Herrera, Alondra Gomez)

And that concludes this year of High School, a big congratulations to the graduating class of 2022. May their goals take them far in life!

And a big thank you to all of the seniors who were willing to be interviewed and to both Perla Herrera and Alondra Gomez for helping with pictures and video.

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