The VVHS Bulldogs Baseball & Softball Teams are expected to arrive around 12:30 am for the parade to ring the victory bell at VVHS. (Photo: Courtesy of Kirstin Winters)

Fernley High School, Fernley, NV-

The NIAA 3A State Champs of Virgin Valley Bulldogs Baseball Team is expected to be arriving back in Mesquite at approximately 12:30 am PST tonight (May 22nd). There will be a small “parade” escort by Mesquite Police and Mesquite Fire and Rescue from the Oasis Parking Garage up Mesquite Blvd to Sandhill Blvd over to Hillside Drive up to Virgin Valley High School where the Champions will ring the Victory Bell.

All of Mesquite are welcome to come and welcome them and the NIAA 3A State Runner-ups Softball Team of the Lady Dawgs back and participate in the “parade” up to the Victory Bell. They will be meeting at the Oasis Parking Garage at 12:30 am PST.

2 thoughts on “State Champs to Arrive around 12:30 am For Victory Bell Ringing

  1. I hope you mean 12:30 P.M. Can’t imagine that there will be a parade, police cars and bell ringing 30 minutes after midnight. Once again…you need an editor to review your posts.

    1. It was about 12:33 am, when they arrived home from being at the state tournament in Fernley, Nevada. The time is right! Followup article coming tonight.

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