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On Monday, May 2, 2022, at 5:35 p.m. the music program at Virgin Valley High School held its end-of-the-year spring concert. The concert was one to remember as they recognized the seniors and was the last time the students would be directed by Brittany Wagner. 

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The Colorguard showing off their amazing flag skills. (Photo: Paola Trujillo).

The performances started outside with the color guard and percussion class. The color guard had a group performance of the song “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi. Although the wind had other plans for the group, they persevered and put on an astounding dance.

The crowd was then transferred further into the school to the quad for the percussion performance. This group worked hard to learn the piece called “Upon a Dream” arranged by none other than the talented Brittany Wagner! “Upon a Dream ” was the first piece she wrote with instruments such as the drums, marimba, piano, and even a quick vocal part. 

The percussion group performing a Brittany Wagner original! (Photo: Paola Trujillo)

The audience then moved into the auditorium for the rest of the performances. First to perform was the intermediate band with three pieces: “Scenes from an Ocean Voyage ”, “Norse Song”, and “El Dorado”. This small but mighty group showcased their music well and successfully! The concert changed routes with senior showcases and guard routines.

Melissa Guerrero and Ali Melendrez performed a smooth, bachata style dance with a flag to the song “Imitadora” by Romeo Santos. Leiste Macias played a beautiful saxophone solo for her senior showcase to the “Breath of the Wild Main Theme”. Andriena Gonzales did a cute solo guard dance to “Cheer up” by Twice. Maya Solis-Stokes and Vanessa Parra played a fun duet of “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid on the marimba and Vibraphone.

Ossy Harmon and Fiona Fink did a flag duet to ”Broken Heart” by Billie Eilish. Erin Ofori and Ari Gardner played “Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saëns with a fun entrance and finale. Jade, Meagan Cook, and Jaiden Paulsen danced a flag trio to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys to end these performances. They definitely appealed to the audience with that incredible performance!

The Intermediate band playing three songs for their show. (Photo: Paola Trujillo)

After a quick stage reset, the advanced band played their show. The band went with a diverse setlist following a Disney theme! The band started off with a song called “Circus Days”; it did not relate to Disney but was still an entertaining piece. The audience was able to enjoy this fun show with the songs “Up”, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, and lastly the band’s favorite, “How To Train Your Dragon”! The songs illustrated the band’s ability to wonderfully play different styles of music!

After another stage change, Brittany Wagner took the time to recognize all the seniors in the music program. They were awarded medals for all the hard work they put into the last four years. Ending the spring concert, the Jazz band played two returning pieces from their festival and a new one: “Pennsylvania 6-5000”, “Big Swing Face”, and “You’re Welcome”.

The music program worked hard to put on their spring concert. Under the direction of Brittany Wagner, the students were able to achieve successful performances.

Ms.Wagner’s students printed a collage and wrote notes around the side to remember them goodbye! (Photo: Paola Trujillo)

This night ended in a bittersweet moment with an appreciation to the student’s teacher. Wagner has shown these students that they can accomplish difficult things with hard work and effort. After the most amazing three years with her, the band program has accomplished so much. The students thank Ms.Wagner for always believing in them and being one of the best teachers out there! They know she will continue to do great things and help make a change in students’ lives. 

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