The world revolves around Diesel fuel. All the world’s food and goods move by or are created by the energy produced by diesel fuel. Yes, there may be some places where people grow their own but in today’s world that has become exceedingly rare. Ships, rail, and trucks all run on diesel as well as the tractors and machines that harvest the food. All of this adds up to the fact that diesel fuel is vital to our lives.

Yet, the Biden administration and some liberal states are doing everything they can to convert us to electric power even though the technology is not there. There are not enough power plants, the wires are not big enough and the existing plants that run on fossil fuels are being shut down or restricted. No new plants are on the horizon. Solar and wind are just a small part of the grid and cannot be relied on. Plus, the night presents a problem.

So, whatever the Greenies say, diesel is still vital to food and produce production and distribution. Most people realize that when the cost of diesel goes up the cost of almost everything must go up. Check out the local cost of diesel fuel, about 50 cents more than gas yet, it is a lower refined product than gasoline. Thus, it is cheaper to produce, and didn’t it used to be cheaper or at the same price as gasoline?

So, what is going on, you might ask. It’s starting on the east coast, there used to be 14 plants producing diesel now there are only 7 and the rest have been shut down mostly due to increased environmental restrictions even though the plants have made dramatic improvements in pollution control. Welcome to the Green world.

Another event in the world has been the Ukraine war. Which has resulted in a reduction in Russian oil going to Europe so Biden has stepped up sending our diesel fuel to those cutting off Russian supplies. Less production and sending fuel to others means less here and as a result higher and maybe even some shortages here.

The result, of course, is higher prices and if the trucks do not roll that will mean shortages and then even higher prices if you can even get the things, you want or need. No diesel to fuel the tractors to grow and harvest the food, less supply, and constant demand means even higher prices. Fewer truckers mean fewer deliveries, more shortages, and higher prices. This would spiral out of control and starve the consumers either by price or shortages. Is this really happening? Yes, and you can see it by the price of fuel. What to do?

Hoard? No, but yes to being prepared with the things you vitally need and stockpile things you use a lot of and are used to going to the store every few days to replenish. Do not let your gas get below ½ tank and it would be nice to have a few extra gallons stored away. Extra prescriptions, YES.

Those with solar might be in for a real break as the price of electricity goes up. Lucky for us in the Overton power area they have good contracts that will help us to weather the storm until 2025 with just minimal adjustments. After that who knows?

We most likely will be alone as far as services go so prepare yourself and your family. Some type of personal protection will be important. If you are nervous about firearms, there are now some paintball guns available that shoot pepper rounds that will discourage most. There are great food packs available that will support you and others. Most Mormon supply stores carry good stuff and they are available online. Bottom line, be prepared as it most likely will get worse and I mean much worse.

Mike Young has been writing opinion articles for most of his life, having been published in multiple periodicals. He is the author of numerous articles and a book on Public Speaking. A member of President Bush’s task force on infrastructure protection for water and power systems, he is presently on the Board of Trustees for Overton Power District #5 as the Secretary/Treasurer. He currently resides in Mesquite, NV.

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