Mesquite, NV, May 17, 11:10 am PST-

Weekday! So better traffic. NOT LATELY! The traffic has been just as bad or even worse than the weekends on the Interstate 15 lanes.

Yesterday was a frustration galore for travelers as both southbound and northbound lanes got congested with traffic galore! NDOT and ADOT workers are now working at night, with work zones still set up with more distance down to one lane during the day while asphalt is drying.

Several asphalt companies state you should let asphalt dry for at least 3 days (or more if hotter temperatures) before car-traffic drive on it.

The paving has resumed for NDOT and downsizing to one lane is more prevalent on top of the mesa. This has caused major traffic congestion and backup for literally… miles.

NB is already backing up on Mormon Mesa back past Exit 93 Logandale/Overton. SB is slowdowns at work zones but starting to see more and more back up, South of Mesquite.

The Virgin River Bridge Project by Beaver Dam is still a slowdown but still moving on both sides of the freeway, NB will be more congested with the merging of the onramp from Beaver Dam.

Weather predictions are going to be hitting the 100s today and triple digits during the upcoming week, so make plans to have plenty of water and gasoline for the extra time, expected to be between 1-3 hours during the week, especially on Thursdays.

The best times to travel with less traffic are early in the morning before 8:00 am PST and in the evenings after 10:00 pm PST.

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Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others when merging. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!

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