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Talk is still going on within the towns and cities of Southern Nevada about the wooly riders of the Clark County Fair and Rodeo that occurred last month. The tough kids of the mutton-busting still are in the spotlight as the fairgoers enjoyed seeing the youth athletes participate and succeed.

“It was so fun to see the kids being outdoors and having fun, living life,” stated Overton resident Ellen Van Ert who was there to support a couple of friends’ kids competing.

Young Cowgirl gets congrats after a successful ride during the fair. (Photo: YoshiYama)

One of those youth was Reese Mountz, of Las Vegas, who had the highest scores of the entire week with an astounding 91 for his first ride in the 1st round on Sunday, April 10th, and then a 77 in the Championship Round for a total of 168 for his score on the rides.

His “highest score of the week” ride started off with a bolt out of the shoot by the sheep, Reese started slipping down the side of the animal but he held on tight and ended up

“He was so excited to do the mutton-busting this year,” said Reese’s mother Ardyss Kavanagh. “He has been practicing.”

Reese Mountz was the top rider of the week for the Clark County Fair and Rodeo in April. (Photo: YoshiYama)

The practicing has been done with horses and with aid and advice from family members who do rodeo events. Reece, 6, is a natural athlete and enjoys soccer as well as other sports. He won over the crowd with gentlemanly actions and behavior, tipping his cowboy hat to the crowd (including the ladies) and the smile and raising his hat in thanks when introduced.

“He is so cute and well behaved,” an audience member was overheard saying.

After winning the belt buckle, he was asked if he had any advice for upcoming riders.

“Just got grab and hold on tight,” said the curly-blond-haired champ wearing #119.

Straight to the point and ready to go, Reese was more than gracious and respectful to everyone who congratulated him.

The second-best rider of the week of a young woman out of Henderson, NV. Charlotte LeBaron, 7, was a crowdpleaser as she made the fairgoers cheer as this tough Cowgirl held on, biffed it once but hopped right up and dusted her hands off. As if saying “piece of cake”, Charlotte scored a 76 and an 83 in her rides, racking up a total of 159. She also rode on Sunday so she barely lost out to Reese for the day, but still was the second-best of the week.

Charlotte LeBaron topped the week as the 2nd best mutton-busting rider. (Photo: YoshiYama)

Excitement gleamed in her eyes as she smiled when introduced. Wearing chaps and ready to go, she held on tight and rode into the spotlight. Wrecking with a hard roll on her first ride, she got up and dusted herself off, and ran back to the chutes.

“She always has been a tough one,” said mother April LeBaron. “She always wants to do better than the boys.”

Wearing the #121, Charlotte made most of her rides, as well as gave similar advice as Reese. “Gotta grab as much of the sheep’s wool and hold on!”

Charlotte has links to Mesquite as her mother April used to be a firefighter for Mesquite when Charlotte was born in 2014. Since the fair, Charlotte has turned 8 and still continues to rough it up in sports and beat the boys.

A couple of other riders who did well-included locals Rhett Sheldon who was Thursday’s champion as well as a couple of Bunker kids. As well as the Mutton-Bustin’ rodeo clowns provided by the Adams family and friends.

Though there were several rides into the sunset of success, there were plenty of riders crashing into the moonlight of unsuccess. Some were hard crashes, literally. However, the fans cheered them on as they toughened it out and shook off their wounds, allowing the crowd to cheer them on for their bravery. The best crash of the week went to Houston Campbell who did a perfect “scorpion” pose (as termed by Rob Dyrdek on the show “Ridiculousness”). The tough young cowboy ended up a little sore but “manned” it out to live in glory as the “tough cowboy” of the week.

Crash of the Week went to Houston Campbell for this “scorpioned” pose (Photo: YoshiYama)

The competition was anything but “sheepish” as it was one of the best-attended events at the fair drawing in full crowds and giving the youth a chance to be the stars of the show.

Already fair attendees are missing the event and reliving it still to this day, as young cowboys and cowgirls are ready to go at it again, to live and ride again. Riding into local fame and history.

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Mutton-Bustin Champ Reese Mountz (Photo: YoshiYama)
Mutton-Bustin Champ Charlotte LeBaron (Photo: YoshiYama)

More photos from the Mutton-Bustin'(All photos are copyrighted by YoshiYama Photography. All rights reserved).

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