In a new series of true news and actual events, “What goes around, comes around” will focus on karma and when karma takes full effect on criminals. These incidents will fully highlight what karma is all about and how karma moves in a circular pattern.

Our first case study of karma taking effect in a criminal act just happened less than a week ago on the eastern side of the United States. As we present and study these actual and real criminal incidents, it makes you wonder if the statement by Alexandra Katehakis really has some genuine intellect to it.

  • “If your actions were to boomerang back on you instantly, would you still act the same?”
    • – Alexandra Katehakis

Case Study #1: Heart Break Affects all Involved

Edgefield County Sheriff’s Department Deputies showed up at a residence on Tanglewood Drive in Trenton, South Carolina on May 7th, 2022, expecting “an unresponsive male lying in his yard.” Thinking it might be a drunk, passed out person, they arrived to find something they did not expect.

The body of the “unresponsive male lying in his yard” seemed to have died by natural causes according to a joint statement released by Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland and Edgefield County Coroner David Burnett.

An unexpected find was found in a freshly dug hole, wrapped in plastic… a body of an adult female.

According to the statement, the male was identified as 60-year-old, Joseph McKinnon, and the woman discovered wrapped in plastic in the hole in the yard was identified as 65-year-old Patricia Dent.

During the investigation, autopsies were done, and they discovered the following findings according to the statement and media release.

-McKinnon and Dent lived together at the residence and are presumed to be in a relationship.

-Dent was found to have died from strangulation, a victim of homicide.

-McKinnon died from natural causes of cardiac arrest.

“Evidence gathered at the scene, along with statements from witnesses aided investigators to build a timeline, leading us to believe that Mr. McKinnon attacked Ms. Dent while inside their home,” read the statement.

The official statement continued.

“Mr. McKinnon then bound her and wrapped her in trash bags before putting her in the previously dug pit. The pit was then partially filled in by Mr. McKinnon. While covering the pit, Mr. McKinnon had the cardiac event, causing his death.”

This is a no better example of Karma at its best. The criminal kills someone and then drops dead from a heart attack. Once again, it reminds us and makes us think…

“If your actions were to boomerang back on you instantly, would you still act the same?”

The coverage of the incident and media statement was first published by WJBF, Channel 8 News.

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