Mesquite, NV, May 11, 3:10 pm PST-

Looking for parking? Well, we found it… From Exit 93 to Exit 118 Northbound of Interstate 15, the whole way has become a parking lot. No one is moving as the traffic is backed up the full 25 miles over Mormon Mesa.

Northbound backed up for miles (reported and photo by Lisa Derfler)

The paving has resumed for NDOT and downsizing to one lane is more prevalent on top of the mesa. This has caused major traffic congestion and backup for literally… miles.

The Southbound lanes are slow but smooth sailing with some slowdown at the Beaver Dam Bridge.

Again, people and travelers are expressing being very upset and their frustrations with the poor planning and miscommunication between agencies, including NDOT, ADOT, and other governmental agencies.

Paving will occur in both the northbound and southbound directions of I-15.  The roadway will be reduced to one lane in either direction in work zones up to four miles.  Crews will work double shifts, five days per week during the paving operation. 

Weather predictions are going to be hitting the 90s tomorrow and triple digits during the weekend, so make plans to have plenty of water and gasoline for the extra time, expected to be between 2-4 hours.

The best times to travel with less traffic are early in the morning before 8:00 am PST and in the evenings after 10:00 pm PST.

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Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others when merging. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!

2 thoughts on “Traffic Update: Northbound MV to Mesquite is a Parking Lot

  1. Can you comment on the workers daily schedule? something like … ‘no work this Saturday night between 3pm and midnight’ …

    What you post is great but a predicted schedule by the 6-hour block provided by the NV DOT and AZ DOT would be great.

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