Okmulgee, OK-

It has been a while since we did this series of articles but we thought this news was too good to sit on and let pass.

On Wednesday of last week, a lightning bolt caused a toilet to explode in Oklahoma. (Photo: Okmulgee, OK Fire Department)
The toilet that did not survive the lightning strike (Photo: Okmulgee, OK Fire Department)

Recently to NEXSTAR, the Okmulgee Fire Department reported a recent incident involving a small attic fire that started from a lightning strike. The call came in on Wednesday night (May 4, 2022). The firefighters who responded found an exploded toilet with a small fire in the attic directly above the toilet. 

It appears a lightning bolt entered through the exhaust vent in an apartment complex after striking the roof and left traveled through into the toilet of one unit, causing the porcelain chair to explode into pieces with the bolt traveling through the ceiling. The reaction of lightning hitting the water in the bowl caused a reaction, resulting in an explosion.

In a statement released to NEXSTAR, “No one was injured, but the toilet was “severely damaged,” OFD Fire Chief Dewayne Hurt wrote.

On the CDC website, it is frequently asked questions about the safety of taking baths, showers, washing hands, or using the bathroom during lightning storms. The reply is “No. Lightning can travel through plumbing. It is best to avoid all water during a lightning storm. Do not shower, bathe, wash dishes, or wash your hands.”

The black mark was left by the lightning bolt above the toilet which exploded. (Photo: Okmulgee, OK Fire Department)

This has happened recently before in August 2019, a Florida couple reported their toilet exploding after a lightning strike hit near their septic tank, causing the methane gases to ignite. Shockingly enough, they were not hurt either as they were in bed when the incident happened.

These serve as reminders of how little we remember the dangers of mother nature and easily we get comfortable and forget the principles of science. This may be considered “weird news” with the rarity of occurrences, but it is natural as it is plausible and scientifically proven to be a valid incident.

So, when things get electrified in the sky zone, avoid the royal throne.

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