The Heavenly Gift Shoppe has not officially held its grand opening, but it has opened its doors to the public and has brought a unique and awe-inspiring shopping experience to the community of Mesquite. Keith Peters, the owner of Angel Whispers Spa and Mediation Center has helped start this business alongside his mother, Deborah Peters-Wilde. The business is located at 114 N Sandhill Blvd, Ste C and involves a whole array of crystals and other products for healing and alternative medicine. The business is right beside some other array of businesses including Peters’ other business Angel Whispers, the Virgin River Times, and Cloud 9 Vape.

The Heavenly Gift Shoppe offers so much for “positivity”. (Photo: YoshiYama)

The Heavenly Gift Shoppe is exactly as its name expresses, “Heavenly!” The moment you walk through the door you notice the calm and serenity. At Heavenly Gift Shoppe, you can feel safe, as it is a place of love with a full soothing feeling of pure positivity.

An interesting belief is that Heaven’s gates are “pearly” and made of a crystal known as selenite. Selenite is a variety of gypsum minerals and is a beautiful white pearlescent stone. It is known to bring peace and calm to the space it is within. The new gift shop emits that light feeling as it is filled with Selenite and other crystals to produce nothing but the best of “positivity” as possible. The whole business is filled with lamps, towers, wands, rosaries, eggs, charging plates, and so on… all made from these crystals.

“You will never know what goodie you may find,” said Peters. “For yourself or loved ones.”

This unique and one-of-a-kind store for Mesquite offers other products than crystal items. These products include but are not limited to books, jewelry, essential oils, incense and burners, angelic novelties, oracle cards, malas and rosaries, crystal singing bowls, and more.

Items for sale at Heavenly Gift Shoppe. (Photos: YoshiYama)

To help you best understand what you are seeing, carefully placed about to mull over, are information cards. Also as part of understanding the healing effects of crystals, there will be monthly classes offered. The classes are only about 20 minutes in time length. During the classes, you will learn more scientific and spiritual attributes of the crystal stone chosen to be discussed during that class. The classes are free and for attending you will receive a gift, a “chip ring” of that specific stone. Each class will top out at 20 enrollees with 15 seats available.

If interested in checking out the new shop, you are extremely awarded not just positive vibes, but also a free gift of an Amethyst Worry Pebble and a Tibetan Angel Charm to keep you safe and loved.

The Singing Bowls are made of fine crystal. (Photo: YoshiYama)

Also a prime place for meditation and deep thinking, the Heavenly Gift Shoppe has a lotus-shaped ottoman in the center of the store. It is also surrounded by Selenite and centered by a Rose Quartz for finding a seat and clarity of thought, with the opportunity to re-center your soul and life.

The most amazing eye spectacle is the Amethyst crystals in the form of Angel Wings, which are present to pose in front of getting a photo of yourself with these sparkling Angel Wings.

The whole store is top-notch for positivity and fully expresses positivity at its best. This includes the customer service from the staff.

The Amethyst Angel Wings for transcending your “selfie” to a higher level. (Photo: YoshiYama)

“Come take your time,” said Keith. “Look it all over good. There are so many gifts of love you won’t find anywhere else in Mesquite.”

The Heavenly Gift Shoppe is again located at 114 N Sandhill Blvd, Ste C in Mesquite and is open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm PST. For more information, you can contact the business by calling (702) 375-4242 or check out their website at

The Heavenly Gift Shoppe is perfect for “resetting your life and soul”. (Photo: YoshiYama)
A collection of Amazonite and Pyrite crystals for purchase at Heavenly Gift Shoppe. (Photo: YoshiYama)

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  1. Hi I found you in the view on magazine. I am excited to come see your store. I am in St George . There are not many crystal stores here . I am glad you are only one hour away

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