Moapa Valley High School in Moapa Valley, NV was one of three schools that a social media “threat” was made against. (Photo: © CCSD,

Moapa Valley, NV-

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department of the Northeast Resident Section located in Overton, Nevada has released more information concerning the “threat” that was reported to them concerning the three out of four schools in Moapa Valley (Logandale/Overton). The statement was made later in the day of May 5, 2022.

“We want to make sure that everyone is aware of what was reported this morning regarding our local schools.

First, we saw the alleged original message. It was sent via social media. The threat never mentioned firearms or any weapons for that matter. The student who reported the threat does not know where it came from. From the original message came as a text of concern that presumed firearms would be involved.

At this time it has been determined that the threat is unfounded.”

The schools were fully monitored and more heavy police presence throughout the three schools during the day with Nevada Highway Patrol and Clark County School District Police Department. The heavier police presence will be present for an unspecified time longer.

All leaders of the schools are aware of the threat and are taking extra precautions to keep all children safe. School police are actively investigating alongside LVMPD. The threat was stated as being “extremely vague without any indication of violence.”

While talking to some of the students during breaks, the police heard exaggerated stories of what the students heard. The LVMPD along with CCSDPD wants to reiterate to keep in mind a lot of the information and stories are overly exaggerated from what really occurred. They also reminded again a warning to parents to monitor their children’s use of social media.

“Parents, PLEASE monitor your children’s social media use. Time and time again we have dealt with situations that could be avoided with safe use of social media. We will continue to look for the source of the original post,” said the LVMPD public media release.

The police also released the following statement to parents about the mode of threat:

“Parents… If anyone, children included, makes ”prank” threats on social media, they run the risk of prosecution.”

The three main schools in Overton and Logandale (Moapa Valley) are Grant Bowler Elementary, Mack Lyon Middle School, and Moapa Valley High School. There is a fourth school, Ute Perkins Elementary located in Moapa, NV, which was unaffected by the “threat”.

This is currently an open investigation. More information will be released as it is received.

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