With her being the youngest and one of the newest teachers here at VVHS, Ms. Kesl has been an amazing addition to the staff of this high school. Constantly busy, with both college and school-related tasks to juggle, she manages to get everything under control and looks amazing with her unique and creative style while doing it. I had the chance to interview her as she was fulfilling orders creating Boutonnières and Corsages for Prom.

Cap and Gown Senior pictures with Ms. Kesl
(Photo: Ms. Kesl)

(HR: Hector Ruiz, MK: Ms. Kesl)

Start of Interview•


HR: Hi thank you for doing this interview, to start things off do you want to introduce yourself?

MK: Sure, My name is Ms. Kesl and I moved to Mesquite about a year and I have been teaching AG for the past year.

HR: Okay my first question is what made you want to become a teacher, specifically an FFA teacher?

MK: I guess specifically for AG I only wanted to teach it. I wouldn’t want to be a teacher in any other subject. So when the job of the FFA teacher came available in July I felt like everything in my life just fell into place. It was like right place, right time and it was a good opportunity to give back to the community.

HR: How do you feel being one of the best and newest teachers here at VVHS?

MK: I actually think I am the youngest teacher here and I honestly think it’s so interesting because I never thought I would be a high school teacher. Being so close to your guys’ age is a little different than being an older teacher who’s been here for longer. But I’m excited to be a new teacher and hopefully bring new ideas to this high school.

HR: I know you’ve had a lot of experience with Floriculture, as you’re making orders right now, but what would you say is your favorite flower?

MK: There are these Jumbo Dahlias that are as big as my face and those are one of my favorites. I also like orchids and there are these two-tone orchids that are blue and pink those are also my favorite.

HR: In your free time, what do you like to do?

MK: Usually when I’m not doing high school-related tasks I’m busy with college stuff. But when I’m not I like to go out dancing I like to two-step, I like to salsa, and I like to go off-roading on my Razer.

HR: That honestly sounds so fun

MK: Yeah, my family is Spanish so I grew up dancing with them.

HR: My next question for you is, is there anything you’re really excited about next year in FFA?

MK: Next year I’m looking forward to having a whole year with everyone. We have some really fun fundraisers and events planned. We’re planning on hosting the festival of trees and do like a community gala/ball thing with that. We want to fundraiser a lot for our students who show animals. Our soil team is planning a crystal fundraiser which is so exciting. The last thing I’m excited about is that we have an internship set up for our floral team, basically, 4-6 students at a time can go do an internship with a florist who does weddings and other events so that when they graduate if they want to go into this field they can have that experience.

HR: That sounds exciting! Relating back to floriculture is there any other art you express yourself with?

MK: I paint, I draw, I drew this [points at tattoo]

HR: Oh my gosh did you actually?

MK: We’ll the artist did a different version but I sketched what it was that I wanted. But I also do a lot of photography I do maternity pictures and car pictures seem to be a big one that people want. I don’t know what other art I do but I love art.

HR: I love that, you’re an expressionist. Now, what would you say to people to convince them to join FFA?

MK: In my interpretation, FFA is a leadership organization and career-oriented its about you having a successful career future. A lot of people think it’s only for farmers but it’s not just for that. My college degree is environmental management and everything that my degree has to do with is the basics of farming so for those people who are super environmentally aware and friendly and for those who really like farming it’s all the same thing. If we could all realize that it’s all the same thing that would be awesome. If you want help to figure out your career path I say FFA is a good place to figure that out.

HR: Thank you for that, is there anything else you want to say to close this out?

MK: You’re welcome, our Cowboy Prom is on the 14th of May. I’ll talk about the class pets as well, we have two axolotls, Lucy and Benji they had some babies in December and those babies will be ready to go to new homes soon. We have a hedgehog her name is Pokey and we have a gecko named Hokey so they’re Hokey and Pokey. I think that’s it for pets I hope we don’t have anymore I’m missing [laughter]. Hopefully, we’ll have frogs and some other animals. We’re also getting 8 greenhouses next year so that’s exciting.

HR: Okay well that was it for my questions, thank you for doing this interview.

All of the FFA class pets
Hokey, Benji, Lucy, Pokey(Left to right)
(Photo: Hector Ruiz, Kayleen Perez)

MK: You’re welcome

[End of Interview]

The lovely Ms. Kesl at FFA State in Reno, Nevada (Photo: Ms. Kesl)

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