UPDATED: MAY 5, 2022, @ 4:15 PM PST – The reported “threat” was reported as unfounded. It involved social media so a warning was reissued to parents about monitoring kids while in social media.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department of the Northeast Resident Section located in Overton, Nevada has released a statement concerning a “threat” made against all schools in Moapa Valley. According to the release they were made aware of the situation this morning and are actively investigating the “threat.”

“We have spoken with the source of the information this morning. As of right now, there is no substantiated information that confirms the threat. We are continuing to look into the matter and if new information comes to light we will make the public aware,” stated the information release.

All leaders of the schools are aware of the threat and are taking extra precautions to keep all children safe. School police are actively investigating alongside LVMPD. The threat was stated as being “extremely vague without any indication of violence.”

The police also released the following statement to parents about the mode of threat:

“Parents, this is possibly a very bad prank perpetuated by social media. We take these matters serious. If anyone, children included, makes ”prank” threats on social media, they run the risk of prosecution.”

The three main schools in Overton and Logandale (Moapa Valley) are Grant Bowler Elementary, Mack Lyon Middle School, and Moapa Valley High School. There is a fourth school, Ute Perkins Elementary located in Moapa, NV.

This is a breaking story and currently an open investigation. More information will be released as it is received.

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