Mesquite, NV-

The rush of the weekend mixed with the construction on both sides of Mesquite, NV, and then as a “cherry” on top, add one of the biggest events of the year in Las Vegas, the NFL Draft… adds up to a complete mess and completely stopped traffic on the Southbound side of I-15 on top of Mormon Mesa.

People have reported since 1:30 pm PST of stop and go traffic congestion on Southbound and now have even come to complete stops for 5-15 minutes. Travel from Mesquite to Moapa Valley is reported as 2-3 hours. People are expressing their utter frustrations on social media such as the “Pain in the Gorge” group.

The warnings of fellow travelers stuck in the Southbound Lanes are echoing throughout social media (Image: Pain in the Gorge FB Group)

“Left mesquite at 4:45 not even halfway across the Mesa. This is horrible it going to take me 3hrs to get from mesquite to the Logandale exit. Traffic slowing everything down dew to everyone going to vegas for the NFL draft. License plates from all over the country. This is ridiculous.” (Ruth Rowley)

Expect at least 2 hours of extra travel time if headed to Las Vegas. The construction clears up by the Moapa Valley exit (Exit 93 Logandale/Overton).

Travelers are expressing their frustrations on social media concerning the Southbound construction zones on both sides of Mesquite, NV (Image: Pain in the Gorge FB Group)

Northbound still has work going on as well as they have been having traffic congestion around mm 93 Logandale/Overton exit going all the way back to mm 75 Valley of Fire Exit at one time last week. There is congestion Northbound but everyone is getting through with little stops.

Several road shutdowns in Las Vegas are being done for the NFL Draft. Las Vegas Boulevard in both directions from Flamingo to Bellagio Drive is closed. Flamingo will also be closed between Las Vegas Blvd and Koval. The Monorail is doing discounted ticket prices to help with travel along the strip and around the valley. Las Vegas Monorail is offering a round trip pass to Nevada residents for $2. A 24-hour pass is also available for $13. The Monorail runs from 7:00 am until 3:00 am PST during the weekend.

You can buy monorail tickets by clicking here: Las Vegas Monorail Tickets

Nevada Department of Transportation has pulled some areas of cones to the side while the draft is happening on top of Mormon Mesa, but there still is a couple of areas with one lane only. Southbound right now is being paved on one side of the road from about mm 102-mm 94.

Northbound still has work going on as well as they have been having traffic congestion around mm 93 Logandale/Overton exit going all the way back to mm 75 Valley of Fire Exit at one time last week.

Beaver Dam/Littlefield Virgin River Bridge Project is still going on with one lane both ways. Still several have been going the back way to St. George on Old Highway 91, so there still are some traffic problems at times on the small two-lane road at primary travel times.

A rollover on I-15 last week. (Photo: Michael Neely, posted on Pain in the Gorge Facebook Group)

There has been a couple of accidents since NDOT made changes to construction zones and the layout of cones about two weeks ago. The accidents have been minor accidents involving high speed and reckless driving. A far contrast from before with some major accidents involving serious injury and even fatalities, on the Nevada side and including the sides of Arizona and Utah.

Also, a reminder, that crews have begun around-the-clock repaving work on I-15 south of Mesquite.

Paving will occur in both the north- and southbound directions of I-15.  The roadway will be reduced to one lane in either direction in work zones up to four miles.  Crews will work double shifts, five days per week during the paving operation. 

Stay connected with NDOT online at and follow @NevadaDOT on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Remember, the major problem of traffic stoppage and congestion is the lack of drivers utilizing the zipper method of merging. Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others when merging and traveling. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!

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