Mesquite, NV-

The traffic Southbound is slow but moving and has no major traffic problems. Everyone is reporting making it through with some traffic congestion at the construction sites at the Virgin River Bridge Project by Beaver Dam/Littlefield, AZ and then South of Mesquite around mm 118. 

Most are reporting 25-30 minutes to get through on the Southbound Lanes.

Northbound is more heavily affected. They are finding more construction issues, especially on top of Mormon Mesa with it being down to one lane starting at about mm 100, Carp Elgin exit. Most are saying it is moving but much slower than Southbound. The traffic merging is a mess, especially in the Littlefield/Beaver Dam construction zone. Some are reporting over an hour to get through.

At moment, no reports of accidents.

Also, a reminder, that crews will begin around-the-clock repaving work on I-15 south of Mesquite, starting during the evening tonight, Sunday, April 24.  

Paving will occur in both the north- and southbound directions of I-15.  The roadway will be reduced to one lane in either direction in work zones up to four miles.  Crews will work double shifts, five days per week during the paving operation. 

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Expect the traffic to be busy all weekend, with better travel before 9:00 am and after 11:00 pm PST. There will likely be lots of back-ups, especially by the construction zones, but more on the Northbound side. Expect longer travel times on Sunday as the paving starts. 

Remember, the major problem of traffic stoppage and congestion is the lack of drivers utilizing the zipper method of merging. Please be careful, respectful, and considerate of others when merging and traveling. Drive the posted speed limits and travel safely!


Picture of Northbound posted by Deborah Bowling of Washington, Utah about 2:30 pm PST. (Photo: FB Pain in the Gorge Group, Deborah Bowling)

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