Virgin Valley FFA’s display titled, “I Have An Oil For That!” (Photo: Bailey Kesl)

On Wednesday, April 6-10, 2022, the Virgin Valley FFA participated in the Clark County Fair in Logandale, Nevada. In the seventh-period food science and leadership agriculture class, the students began their work on the display. 

Ag students presenting their display! (Photo: Bailey Kesl)

This year, the VVHS FFA came up with an interesting topic that was different from previous years. The display called, “I Have An Oil For That!”, consisted of seven essential oils: Rosemary, Frankincense, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lavender. This neat display had information below each scent to explain where it grows, the soil and climate they grow best in, the uses for people, and tied it with livestock by describing how they can be used for animals. Elsa Whipple, Kinzley Lee, Mattyson Ellison, and Camryn Totten put together the information for this presentation. The students were excused from school to represent Virgin Valley High School at the fair with their colorful, and eye-catching display! 

The Virgin Valley FFA Students and Group Advisors and Volunteers. (Photo: Bailey Kesl)

This group also had the wonderful privilege to meet the senate candidate for Nevada, Sam Brown, and his team. Emma Houston, Kaeli Moore, Torri Sherman, Jake Hafen, and Mattyson Ellison talked to them for a bit and gave a tour around the fair. The students answered questions Sam and his team had and were able to have a good time joking around with each other! After the tour, they went back to the barn and presented their display. They were also able to take pictures for memories of a good time! 

The Virgin Valley FFA was also wonderfully represented by five students who showed pigs: Emma Houston, Torrance Sherman, Kaeli Moore, Jake Hafen, and Jaren Hafen. The name of some of the pigs were Pickles, Morgen, and Tito. The students had to make a record book to turn into the fair logging the days they had with their pig before the competition. The pigs are presented to a panel of judges where the students hope to win an award! They are then individually shown to potential buyers in a bidding competition.

Emma Houston at hard work showing her pig! (Photo: Bailey Kesl)

“I loved my experience at the fair! I successfully sold my show pig (Pickles) which weighed in at 280 lbs. It is always a fun and refreshing experience to care for and train a live animal. Unfortunately, I did not win any awards myself, but I feel I was quite successful in the showmanship and presentation of my project. I am happy with what I completed this year and excited for the year to come!”

-Emma Houston

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