On March 4th and 5th, 2022, two senior flag football stars Calla Haviland and Kelly Denninghoff competed in the Under Armour Women’s Camp in Los Angeles, California. The girls competed in 7 x 7 at Mission Viejo, at Mission Viejo High School.

Calla Haviland and Kelly Denninghoff with Virgin Valley coaches Brian Haviland and Joey Bowler. (Photo Credit Calla Haviland)

The two flag football state champion stars were selected by coaches along with eight other girls from Nevada. Calla Haviland led the Nevada state’s flag football league in interceptions with 17 total interceptions and in total points with 256 points for the Dawgs. Rookie of the year, Kelly Denninghoff, ran a total of 662 rushing yards and had 41 solo tackles during regular league play. With a combined total of 58 touchdowns in regular league play, it came as no surprise that Haviland and Denninghoff were chosen to not only represent Virgin High School but the state of Nevada!

The camp hosted around 100 high school student women athletes to participate in a skills and training day and then compete in a featured game the next day.

Kelly Denninghoff on Skills and Training Day. (Photo Credit: Next 2022 Camper Series Los Angeles CA)

On the first day, March 4th, the girls were skill tested. Their times were recorded for the ten-yard dash, forty-yard dash, and a shuttle; along with a broad, long-jump test. Calla Haviland’s 10-yard dash was an insane 1.95 seconds and her 40-yard dash time came in at a speedy 5.61 seconds. Sheesh! Kelly Denninghoff’s time for the 10-yard dash was a nimble 2.02 seconds, and her 40-yard dash was lightning-quick 5.38 seconds.

Calla Haviland on Skills and Training Day. (Photo Credit: Next 2022 Camper Series Los Angeles CA)

After showing off their talents and training in speed and agility, defensive coverage and flag pulling, and offensive plays and catching, the girls at the camp split into teams and played a 7-on-7 style of game. This gameplay typically passes only, but players are able to run the ball without blocking to keep defenders honest.

The girls’ team from Nevada, primarily Vegas area, competed against the girls’ team from California in three games. The field length varied during each game, increasing in length starting at 1/2 field, 3/4 field, and into a full 80-yard flag football field.

Nevada 7 x 7 Team. (Photo Credit: Next 2022 Camper Series Los Angeles CA)

The Nevada team was victorious in all 3 games! The Nevada team was coached by Bishop Gorman’s flag football coach Brandon Pappillion. The camps games were watched by fans, college scouts, and NFL coaches and players.

Calla Haviland primarily represented the Dawgs on the offensive side of the ball during the games, while Kelly Denninghoff repped on the defensive side.

Haviland with the ball and Denninghoff close behind. (Photo Credit: Next 2022 Camper Series Los Angeles CA)

Both girls were ecstatic to be selected to participate in the camp. Calla stated,

“The camp was such a great experience! I loved being able to compete and work with a bunch of other athletes. I was able to learn from so many coaches. It was also cool to be able to meet many NFL coaches and learn from their experiences. Overall I am grateful for the opportunity I had to go down and be a part of the UA Next camp.”

Kelly and Calla repping their new Under Armour football gloves. (Photo Credit: Calla Haviland)

Kelly’s experience was similar. She stated,

“I was really shocked to be chosen to go to the first women’s football camp in California put on by Under Armor. I was super excited to be able to go learn some new things and play some other games. I’m really glad Calla and I went together it was nice having another girl from Virgin Valley. It was fun to play with really talented girls and learn some things from the Coach and Camp.”

Virgin Valley’s flag football program is very proud of these two athletes and wishes them the best in their athletic careers.

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