Starting on April 6, 2022, artwork from all around Clark County was showcased at the Clark County Fair until April 10, 2022. The Clark County Fairgrounds, located at 1301 Whipple Ave, Logandale NV, 89021, has hosted the annual fair and rodeo since 1988 and the art competition has been beloved by many during this time.

The arts building hosted a gallery of artwork, located on the northwest side of the fairgrounds.

Artists competed in a variety of artwork. This artwork ranged from ink, mixed media, pencil, pastel, acrylic, print, computer-generated original drawings, photography, crocheting, quilting, and so much more! Artists competed in age groups: adult and teen. The gallery also displayed elementary students’ artwork and science projects. The categories were Fine Arts, Home Arts, Industrial Arts, Creative Arts, Photography, Science, Horticulture, Home Science, and Small Livestock.

Amanda Crisp’s artwork (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)
Amanda Crisp artwork (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

The artwork was judged on a basis of presentation, overall effect, design, and workmanship. Total scores were added up out of 100. An overall score ranging from 85-100 earned an artist an “excellent” rating, 70-84 earned a “good,” 50-69 earned “average,” and 49-less earned “sub-average.”

“Best of Show” and “Champion”, Fine Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

“Judges Youth Choice”, Fine Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

A high school student from Shadow Ridge High School’s portrait of famous singer Michael Jackson was awarded the “Judges Youth Choice” award in its class.

“Best of Class”, Fine Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

“Champion” and “Best of Class”, Photography. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

Marissa Perez, Fine Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)
“Judges Youth Choice”, Fine Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

Rebecca Marshall’s acrylic painting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s St George Utah temple earned “Judges Youth Choice” and “Best of Class.” Her artwork was reviewed a 99/100 and earned the judge’s comment “Excellent!”

First Place, Photography. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)
“Judges’ Youth Choice”, Photography. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

“Best of Show” and “Best of Class”, Home Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

This Harry Potter-themed quilt earned multiple ribbon awards. The intricate design and hard work paid off with a “Best of Show” and a “Best of Class” award.

Crochet entries winning blue ribbons, Home Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)
Ellsie Turner’s “Best of Class”, Home Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

“Judges Choice” and “Third Best in Class”, Industrial Arts. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

Along with traditional forms of art and sewing, the Arts Building awarded top growers and bakers.

“Judges Choice”, Horticulture. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

The Moapa Valley Agriculture farm grew “Judges Choice” award-winning tomatoes.

Some of the award-winning Horticulture entries. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

“Director’s Choice”, Horticulture. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

This young avocado tree earned the “Director’s Choice” award and “Second Best in Class.” Judges’ comments read “Nice Avocado! :)”

Entrants’ jams, jellies, and sauces with the ribbons they won, Home Science. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

“Best of Show” and “Best of Class Fudge”, Home Science. (Photo: Tyra Ludvigson)

The beautiful galleries and judging were overseen by the wonderful Robin Maughan. The arts building of the Clark County Fair continues to grow each year as does the people’s love for it! This tradition will continue for many years to come, especially in the near future of next year’s event.

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