Campbell Smith has been active in supporting Cancer Awareness and non-profits for the same cause. (Photo: YoshiYama)

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For Leadership Performance during April 2022

Campbell is a Senior at Virgin Valley High School and recently organized and ran a fundraiser for Mesquite Cancer Help Society in Mesquite, Nevada. 

The fundraiser helped raise over $1,000 for the nonprofit organization on April 2nd at VVHS. With some help from a few other students, volunteers, and Tyler Roylance (VVHS art teacher), she helped prepare 100 meals for the fundraiser. The meals were all Southern themed with some Southern Gritz and Chicken. 

Campbell also is a line cook for the Worden in Mesquite and has been part of the culinary classes since coming to Mesquite from Seattle, Washington area in August 2020.

Campbell moved to Mesquite after her father passed from lung cancer. She has been wanting to give back to the cause of the Mesquite Cancer Help Society for a while. With some help from her Culinary teacher, Christopher Noone, and a few others, she was able to donate all her times, talents, and money to raise the funds.

“She is amazing,” said fundraiser volunteer Sharron Rae. “She does a lot and helps everyone.”

She is also part of the VVHS Theatre Classes and known to be “extremely motivated and inspirational.”

Linda Gault, her grandmother describes her as extremely intelligent and always worked hard to accomplish her goals. 

“One of her teachers told her that he wished he had 30 students like her,” said Gault.

VVHS Principal Riley Frei also said she was a perfect choice for the Top Dawg Leader of the Month.

“She’s a hard worker and always has a smile,” said Principal Frei.

Beginning of this year, during January 2022, she received news she had been accepted into the Culinary Institute of America in New York. This was a huge honor and accomplishment as the specialized school is the 2nd most reputable culinary school in the nation. She also received news she has over half of her tuition paid through scholarships.

“I just want to give back to those who have helped me,” said Campbell Smith.

Campbell also gave thanks and credit to the following volunteers and helpers: Savannah Poole, Maleah Krause, Elizabeth Glanneyer, Jenna Walters, Sharron Rae, Jamie Stevens, Pam Stevens, Mary Grace Smith, Tyler Roylance, Gary & Shanna McPheters, and a very special thanks to Christopher Noone as well as anyone else who has helped her in her accomplishments.

Campbell Smith is the granddaughter of George and Linda Gault.


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