Mesquite, NV-

The Mesquite Police Department issued a social media release earlier today detailing the capture of a bobcat that had wandered onto a local golf course this morning, Thursday, April 14th.

“It had wandered onto the course and was severely injured,” said Media Information Officer and MPD Sergeant Wyatt Oliver during an interview this afternoon. “Our animal control officers were great as they reported out there and were able to get the wild animal caught and taken in.”

The 40-50 lb bobcat will be turned over to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, where the NDOW will decide what they can do to help the injured animal. The animal was nearby the road and freeway, so they figure the injury may potentially have come from being hit by a vehicle. However, that is not confirmed.

Mesquite Animal Control Officers capture an injured Bobcat earlier today. (Courtesy of MPD)

The course it was located and captured on was the Casablanca Golf Course, which is right close to the interstate, located at 1100 E. Hafen Ln.

Sergeant Oliver left some words of advice for the community.

“Remember it is springtime and wild animals are coming out and will venture closer to the city,” said Oliver. “If you see wildlife within city limits and in places where it could be dangerous to the animal or people, please call our dispatch or animal control. Do not try to handle it yourself.”

He also added another tidbit of information. “As well as if they are still in desert areas and not coming down into housing areas or civilization, remember that this is their home and as long as they are not coming into the city population areas, let them be.”

A picture of the Bobcat posted by MPD Animal Control (Courtesy of MPD Animal Control)

Sergeant Oliver expressed again the praise of our local animal control officers and the people who spotted the injured bobcat and called it in.

“We sure are thankful for wonderful and brave ACOs that will take care of these hairy situations for us!”

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