“Somebunny” very special visited the Mesquite Recreation Center on Wednesday morning. Dressed in tuxedo tails, purple vest, bow tie, and top hat, the Bunny was dapper, indeed. His cottontail and orange carrot completed the outfit.

The Bunny delighted the Intermediate Clogging dance class as he hopped in for a surprise visit, joining them in rehearsal. “He is surprisingly light on his toes!” remarked the clogging class instructor, Pam Sadler, as the Bunny clogged with grace, style, and enthusiasm to the classic song, “Rocky Top.”

Sandler continued, “The Bunny’s technique is so good, in fact, it’s as if he has clogged these dances before!”

With a tip of his top hat and a shake of his cottontail, the Easter Bunny left right after class before anyone could thank him. Fortunately, one class member was able to take a couple of pictures earlier, which she shared with the Virgin River Times for this article. Several class members could be heard discussing what a pity it was that regular class member, Brent Pettit, was not there that day.

“Brent rarely misses class, and it is just a shame he wasn’t here to enjoy the Easter Bunny’s visit!” remarked class member, Ann Murphy. “Wonder where Brent was today?”

Hmmm. Coincidence?

The Clogging class at the Mesquite Recreation Center got a surprise visitor Wednesday. The Easter Bunny is shown here with the Clogging instructor, Pam Sadler. (Photo C. Kirking)
The Easter Bunny was light on his feet as he joined the clogging class rehearsal of the song “Rocky Top.” (After class one dancer noted that the Bunny bore somewhat of a resemblance to Brent Pettit, who was suspiciously absent that day from class. Photo: C. Kirking)

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