Mesquite, NV-

*Recall: The original update had stated the construction was in the final stages but when in fact it is the ITS conduit work that is in the final stages and not the actual construction. The construction will continue until the end of 2022 as stated by a representative of NDOT. We do apologize for this misunderstanding.

The Nevada Department of Transportation has extended the closure of Exit 118 Lower Flat Top Drive which was announced last weekend. The announcement was the closure of the exit fully this week during night hours. The on-ramps and off-ramps will be fully closed from 7:00 pm until 6:00 am PST. The closure at night already started on Sunday, April 10th, and will happen each night until Friday, April 15th morning. Originally, the closure was expected to end Thursday morning on April 14th.

This is one of the final stages of the construction occurring south of Mesquite to finish the laying of conduit for Intelligent Transportation Systems which helps run cameras, signs, traffic lights, and more.

“The original plan of this huge construction project was planned to only be about 3 weeks, instead it has turned into about a 3-month project,” stated Public Information Officer Justin Hopkins for NDOT.

“We got into the project and found more ruin and wear than expected on the overpasses and construction areas,” said Hopkins. “Still we are in the final stages, so expect it to be finished in mid-May estimated for the ITS Conduit work, but the construction will resume through the rest of 2022.”

The construction has been a constant problem with traffic congestion and accidents throughout the last couple of months since the project started resulting in several injuries, damages, and even fatalities. The majority of the accidents have been cited as due to excessive speed from certain drivers involved in the accidents.

The construction on both the Nevada and Arizona sides of Mesquite has caused problems in travel.

“We met with the Mayor, City Council, and more recently and made some changes that seem to have alleviated most of the traffic problems,” said Hopkins. “As for accidents we have proper signage and marked speeds so that comes down to each individual driver being responsible while driving through the construction zones.”

As for the changes, the uphill drive Southbound to the top of Mormon Mesa has been reopened to two lanes while no construction work is being done. They also shortened the other overpass construction areas. So where it is down to one lane is less of a distance than before, allowing more two-lane access for travelers on Southbound and Northbound.

Once again the ITS Conduit work will be done in May, but the actual construction will continue until the end of this year, 2022.

The main problems have now turned into Northbound at the Beaver Dam Bridge overpass. Again this construction site will be in use until estimated early 2024. Expect major delays on weekends going north.

As for travel on I-15 this week, it should be good except during rush hours and more travel hours, such as 9-11 am PST and 3-8 PST. The best times to travel on Interstate 15 are early morning and late night.

Once again expect major traffic problems and please all drivers be careful and drive at the posted speeds.

NDOT Media Release concerning the closure of Exit 118. (Courtesy of NDOT)

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