Mesquite, NV-

After the best start for a weekend for travelers on the Interstate 15 by Mesquite, the horrors of the traffic problems made another showing today. More accidents and big events on both sides of Mesquite have caused the construction areas to get piled up with traffic and vehicles backing up for miles.

I-15 Southbound has a reported accident by mm 24 inside the Virgin River Gorge. However, the flow has been good, and not too many problems headed south by Mesquite in the construction zones other than some slowdown for the lanes going down to one lane.

I-15 Northbound is experiencing traffic problems by Beaver Dam Bridge and south of Mesquite where lanes are going down to one lane. A few people have reported it being “a parking lot”, especially by the Beaver Dam Bridge.

Also reports of a semi-trailer blocking traffic on Old Highway 91 about 45 minutes ago. Should be cleared up by now as the driver has been turned back.

The back routes through Bunkerville, Mesquite, and Littlefield are seeing steady traffic but also smooth sailing.

Remember that things may change during the weekend as there is the Clark County Fair and Rodeo going on south of Mesquite in Logandale and also a Festival and Vendor Market in St. George, Utah, as well as the K-Pop BTS Concert in Las Vegas.

Once again expect major traffic problems and please all drivers be careful and drive at the posted speeds.

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