Clark County Fairgrounds, Logandale, NV-

The Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Logandale Nevada has been a “big breath of fresh air” as the event is now down to today and tomorrow before the sun sets on the annual event for this year. 

The annual event which comes back from a two-year hiatus from the COVID-19 pandemic and welcomes and has welcomed million+ to its home since 1988 in Logandale Nevada at 1301 Whipple Avenue. 

The sun was full and the moods were light as the sounds of children screaming on the carnival rides, children laughing with glee at farm animals, families celebrating a win at the carnival booth and receiving a prize of a stuffed animal, the fans cheering in excitement as the cowboy stand in the center of the arena waving after a completed bull ride. The animals were snorting, neighing, and mooing away to the delight of the children, the auctioneer was rambling out numbers, the music echoed throughout the grounds, and people were happy…. Life made an entrance this week in the small community of Moapa Valley. All signifying a victory over dark times within the short whispers of the past within a turbulent world.

Before the sun officially sets on the Clark County Fair and Rodeo tomorrow, the team of people who coordinate the event invite you to participate in the event for the last 24+ hours of the fair.

The lineups for Saturday and Sunday are below.

Event Schedule for Sunday April 10, 2022

April 105:00 PMMatt BakerComedy Stunt ShowPlaza Stage
April 105:00 PMMutton BustinChampionship RoundBex Arena
April 105:30 PMJeff MartinMagicianShowcase Stage
April 105:30 PMThe BirdmanWorld Class Bird ShowLawn
April 106:00 PMMike WalkerVocal ImpressionistPlaza Stage
April 106:00 PMPRCA Rodeo5th PerformanceAmerica First Arena
April 106:30 PMCool Dog ProductionsTrick Dog Thrill ShowLawn
April 107:00 PMChris MabreyHypnotistPlaza Stage
April 109:00 PMFair ClosesAll Gates

The carnival is a good time for kids and adults alike (Photo: YoshiYama)
The Super Slide draws in some teens for a race down. (Photo: YoshiYama)

For kid-friendly and family-oriented shows and events, attend the mutton-busting, the Birdman show, the Glen Hardy animal building where all the animals are, and of course the carnival..

For adults, many are finding enjoyment at the Rodeo along with the food and shopping vendors, and entertainment stages. Some are also finding it fun to be a kid again at the carnival and the Stunt Jump.

Some of the headliners shows for tonight include Huckleberry Road and Legends of Rock.

Huckleberry Road is a up-and-coming country music band based out of Reno, Nevada. They had their biggest hit “Raybans” in 2020 with an up-and-coming hit “Yes I Do” from last year 2021.

They are a little more edge here country as they add a hint of rock and roll. No matter what they will put on a great show.

Legends of Rock is an amazing cover band that rocks out to the golden age of rock, the 1980s. They also cover a couple of hits from 1970s and whatever gets people rocking out. The band includes a local resident of Moapa Valley, Rick Houston. The band is intensely good with a perfect pitch on tribute that will spin you back to the golden age of rock. They perform at 9:30 pm after the Rodeo ends.

Legends of Rock will be performing classic rock and rock from the 1960s-80s Saturday night at the Plaza Stage. (courtesy of the Clark County Fair and Rodeo)

The big show at 7:00 pm on Saturday of the PRCA Rodeo will feature the last round to make the Championships on Sunday at 6:00 pm. At the moment, current leaders are as follows:

Bareback riding leader: 1. Zack Brown, 85.5 points on Bar T Rodeo’s Outlaw

Steer Wrestling, Average leader: 1. Ringo Robinson, 8.3 seconds on two head

Team Roping, Average leaders: 1. (tie) Zach Kilgus/Jake Edwards and Jeff Flenniken/Jake Minor, 10.7 seconds on two head each

Saddle bronc riding leaders: 1. Sage Newman, 89.5 points on King Rodeo and Wentz Bucking Bulls’ Popeye

Tie-Down Roping, Average leaders: 1. (tie) J.D. McCuistion and Neil Dove, 20.0 seconds on two head each

Barrel racing leader: 1. Carly Taylor, 17.32 seconds

Bull riding leader: 1. Jeff Askey, 88 points on Macza Pro Rodeo’s Ols Tubs Sunny


Rodeo is always a "bucking" good time! (Photo: YoshiYama, Thursday at CCF&R)
Fairgoers can get faces painted. (Photo: Rachelle Haiola)

For more information or to buy tickets, visit


*Gate pricing begins April 5th, 10pm
*Fair Admission is required for all patrons 5 years & older
General Admission (13-59 years)                         $18.00
Senior (60+) or Child (5-12 years) Admission   $15.00
Carnival/Fair (All Day Ride Pass with Fair)        $45.00
Carnival Add-on (All Day Ride Pass-no Fair)    $40.00
Wednesday or Thursday Rodeo & Fair              $25.00
Wednesday or Thursday Rodeo Add-on            $20.00
Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Rodeo & Fair        $30.00
Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Rodeo Add-on     $25.00

The Bullriding is a favorite event for spectators. (Photo: YoshiYama, Thursday at CCF&R)

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