Be sure to check out the exciting and educational animal act schedules as you head out to this weekend’s Clark County Fair! Two of the ground shows include “The Birdman” and “Dog Man”– fun for all ages.

This Andean condor, a rescue, is one of the largest vultures in the world. The fair audience got a very close-up view, as the condor flew overhead! (Photo by C. Kirking)

The BIRDMAN ® and Company: Remaining Showtimes – Saturday 6:30 PM & Sunday 12:30, 2:30 & 5:30 PM This thrilling ground show is located at the edge of the fairgrounds, between the Guest services building and the Showcase stage, so that it is not close to the noise of the carnival rides, for the birds’ benefit. THE BIRDMAN® and company was established in 1983 with the mission to share a love for wildlife and habitat conservation. The audience gets a close-up view of the sometimes talking, swooping, and talented birds.

Pablos, a rescued macaw parrot, sang and whistled his way into the hearts of the fair audience! (Photo by C. Kirking)
Following the JUMP! the show, children are invited to get to meet the talented canines for a photo opportunity! (Photo by C. Kirking)
This Crested Chinese Hairless dog went from a rescue dog to a top entertainer with the JUMP! dog show of Cool Dog Productions. (Photo: C. Kirking)

“The inspiration for our training is kindness,” explained As a young teen in the mid-70s Joe began experimenting with positive reinforcers, and at age 14 created his first birds show for a presentation at a local elementary school. Soon thereafter he was being given birds and animals that others could no longer care for and at age 17 was enlisted by the Oakland Zoo to create an educational program for the children’s theater. Since then his show has entertained and educated audiences in 5 countries, all 50 states, and on television, including the Letterman show.

With those early experiences, Krathwohl realized pet owners and zoos alike could benefit from a more positive reinforcement training approach that is “stress-free” for the birds. Said Krathwohl, “The ultimate goal is always to engage more and more people to be inspired to support wildlife conservation.”

JUMP! dog trick show: Remaining showtimes –7:00 PM & Sunday 3:00, 4:30 & 6:30 PM The crowd-pleasing ground show is on the southwest side of the fairgrounds. JUMP! showcases amazing dogs and their handlers and can be found by the two huge blown-up dogs on either side of the show ring. Presented by CoolDog Productions, a Las Vegas-based company. Since 1982 founder Lou “Mack” McCammon, known as the “Dog Man,” entertains while promoting canine rescue, showcasing rescue dogs as entertainers. The dogs and “Dog Man” have appeared widely, including with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. The packed audience at the fair around the ring was clapping and cheering the talented and adorable dogs. A clear crowd favorite was the three-legged dog that had been hit by a car, rescued in Detroit. Within weeks of being rescued the dog’s severe depression had lifted and he’s now featured in the show.

“Dog Man“ and one of his talented rescue dogs at the fair (photo by C. Kirking)

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