Mesquite, NV-

The Mesquite Rotary Clubs will be providing service to our great city of Mesquite on Saturday morning by planting trees. The rotaries plan on meeting up at 8:00 am at the Batting Cages across the street from the Mesquite Recreation Center at 100 Mill Road.

Mesquite Rotary President Linda Gault stated, “We really wanted to do something to help and we asked them what they needed to be done.”

The Rotary of Clubs of Mesquite doing a highway cleanup. (Photo: Courtesy of Rotary Clubs of Mesquite)

The result was help getting trees put in by the batting cages to help with the beautifying of the city.

“We bought the trees, but the city will be providing all the other gardening supplies needed to plant the trees,” said Gault. “We just have to be there to do the physical labor of planting the trees.”

The Mesquite Rotary and the Mesquite Sunrise Rotary will be there bright and early to get going on digging and planting. The city will have shovels, but may not have enough, so Linda asked for all those volunteers to come to help out with “BYOS” (Bring Your Own Shovel). also do not forget water and a hat due to the predicted heat of the day, which is predicted to be a high 93°F, hottest of the year so far.

“We are just happy to be able to provide something to our city and help give back to the community,” said Linda Gault.

To help out, show up at the Batting Cages across the street from the Recreation Center at 100 Mill Road at 8:00 am on the morning of Saturday. Don’t forget again to bring your own shovel and a hat with water.

The Flyer for the Tree Planting Service Project the Rotary Clubs of Mesquite are doing on Saturday. (Courtesy of Rotary Clubs of Mesquite)

For more information about the Mesquite Rotaries visit their Facebook Page:

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