When we look at the energy issues it is clear that the Green lobby is pushing to suppress American and Canadian oil production in favor of buying oil from our enemies. Peggy Shepard, a co-founder, and executive director at “We Act for Environmental Justice” said it was time for the White House to move away from fossil fuels.

This includes reducing LNG (liquefied natural gas) exports and halting the infrastructure expansions that are needed to help Europe have a second supplier instead of just Russia. She said that soaring oil and gasoline prices only prove that the U.S. needs to focus on green energy initiatives. “Building
even more LNG export terminals would lock in fossil fuel infrastructure and pollution for decades to come,” Shepard said.

The funny thing is that she does not call for a reduction in oil use, just a reduction in American fuel production. With climate change being a current topic of disaster, many people believe fossil fuels are destroying the planet and ruining the climate. Maybe we should rethink that, the environment, and
our climate needs to be looked at in the entire context and consider both the benefits of fossil fuels and the adverse side effects.

In reality, fossil fuels are why modern human society and lifestyle have been able to develop to their current state. Think what it might be like if we did not have fossil fuels. No farming, no manufacturing, no nothing. Think what it would be like without power as we know it. The benefits of fossil fuels should be measured by the planet’s livability without them. Think about how many places in the world would not be livable without power. We use machines to help us be productive and make the planet prosperous and plentiful and safe to inhabit.

Most of the modern machines that help us to be productive only work if you have low-cost, reliable energy that can reach billions of people in thousands of places. In reality, fossil fuels are the only way to get that energy where it is needed. You can not just carry a windmill in a 5-gallon gas can.

The only thing that’s even on the same playing field is Nuclear energy but it has been so demonized and attacked by the same people against fossil fuels that it is obvious that this cannot be built without strong support. Plus, if we had more nuclear energy plants, we would not have to buy oil from the bad guys. The discussion should be about solutions, not what we should not do.

The Green groups are saying climate change is the current largest threat to our planet. But the reduction and elimination of the use of fossil fuels is the biggest threat to our planet. We rely on low-cost energy for the world to be livable.

The current problems we are seeing as fertilizer and fuel prices are skyrocketing. These things cause the cost to produce food to rise and rise a lot. The eight billion people depend on low-cost food production to feed their families. Low-cost fossil fuel makes this happen. When the agriculture
industry cannot afford fuel to farm, people starve. Or you must buy oil from the bad guys and is that not the direction the Greens are pushing for. They are only interested in suppressing America’s energy resources. Is this the way you want America to go?

Mike Young has been writing opinion articles for most of his life, having been published in multiple periodicals. He is the author of numerous articles and a book on Public Speaking. A member of President Bush’s task force on infrastructure protection for water and power systems, he is presently on the Board of Trustees for Overton Power District #5 as the Secretary/Treasurer. He currently resides in Mesquite, NV.

3 thoughts on “Vantage Point: The Great Green Sellout

  1. Great article Mike! I think you might add one more thing and that is it take fossil fuels t build the wind mill and solar panels that the Green Energy people want to populate the US with to make us GREEN. Along with
    Who knew? Maybe the people that make them know. Why would
    they let that cat out of the bag, after all, they are government subsidized
    with taxpayer money? After all, It’s all about the money every time! Just
    like the oil industry powers every electric car.

    Also, politicians do not want those huge eyesores in their backyard.

    Right now the average wind farm is about 150 turbines. Each
    wind turbine needs 80 gallons of oil as a lubricant and we’re not
    talking about vegetable oil, this is a PAO synthetic oil based on
    crude… 12,000 gallons of it. That oil needs to be replaced once a year.

    It is estimated that a little over 3,800 turbines would be needed
    to power a city the size of New York… That’s 304,000 gallons of refined
    oil for just one city.

    Now you have to calculate every city across the nation, large and
    small, to find the grand total of yearly oil consumption from “clean” energy.

    Where do you think all that oil is going to come from, the oil fairies?
    Well, thanks to ? it now comes from our enemies in the Mideast.

    Not to mention the fact that the large equipment needed to build
    these wind farms run on petroleum. As well as the equipment required for installation, service, maintenance, and eventual removal.

    And just exactly how eco-friendly is wind energy anyway?

    Each turbine requires a footprint of 1.5 acres, so a wind farm of
    150 turbines needs 225 acres; In order to power a city the size
    of NYC you’d need 57,000 acres; and who knows the astronomical
    amount of land you would need to power the entire US. All of which
    would have to be clear-cut land because trees create a barrier &
    turbulence that interferes with the 20mph sustained wind velocity
    necessary for the turbine to work properly (also keep in mind that
    not all states are suitable for such sustained winds). Boy, cutting
    down all those trees is gonna anger a lot of green-loving tree-huggers.

    Let’s talk about disposal now.

    The lifespan of modern, top quality, highly efficient wind turbine
    is 20 years. After that, then what? What happens to those gigantic
    fiber composite blades?

    They cannot economically be reused, refurbished, reduced, repurposed,
    or recycled so guess what..? It’s off to special landfills they go.

    And guess what else..? They’re already running out of these
    special landfill spaces for the blades that have already exceeded
    their usefulness. Seriously! Those blades are anywhere from 120 ft.
    to over 200 ft. long and there are 3 per turbine. And that’s with
    only 7% of the nation currently being supplied with wind energy.
    Just imagine if we had the other 93% of the nation on the wind
    grid… 20 years from now you’d have all those unusable blades with
    no place to put them… Then 20 years after that, and 20 years after
    that, and so on.
    Hello there, how green is that?

    I’m so glad the wind energy people are looking out for the world.

  2. Rick your absolutely right. It takes more energy to build and maintain windmills then they ever produce.
    I remember the old Serria club who wanted to establish the John Muar trail. Now they are all interested in Environmental Justise, whatever that is. Now it is only shut down American energy and buy from our enemies, so we transfer American wealth to our enemies. We get poorer and they take our money and get richer. Makes you wonder who is financing these groups because they are not friends of America.

  3. Here’s our roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity…

    Black Lives Matter Organization Bought $6 million California Mansion
    After the killing of George Floyd in 2020, the Black Lives Matter organization raked in an mountain of donations.
    That money was supposed to go, ostensibly, to fighting against racial discrimination. But as we have pointed out in our Notes, the BLM does not release audited financial reports. In fact they don’t publish any financial statement whatsoever.
    So the public has no idea how their donations are being spent.
    Well, now we have a sliver of truth.
    According to recently leaked data, the organization dropped a cool $6 million to buy a swanky seven bedroom, 6,500 square foot luxury home in southern California back in October 2020.
    The money came from the $90 million worth of donations that the non-profit organization raised throughout 2020— donations that were raised in the name of racial justice.
    Internal group chats and text messages within the organization show ‘leaders’ discussing how to best spin the property purchase to the public.
    This means they clearly knew that buying the home was a betrayal of trust. But they went ahead and did it anyhow, and consumed themselves with finding conniving ways to rationalize what they did.
    The home has even been featured on the personal YouTube channel of Patrisse Cullors, a former executive director of the BLM organization.
    These videos, by the way, have nothing to do with racial justice. Instead, Cullors is seen showing off a peach cobbler that she baked in the home’s luxurious kitchen.
    Cullors has apparently dipped quite extensively into the organization’s treasury. Her brother draws a salary as head of physical security for the home, and her mother receives a salary to maintain it.

    Secret Service Spends $30,000 a Month for Malibu Mansion to Protect Hunter Biden
    And speaking of swanky mansions in southern California. . .
    Hunter Biden is famous for smoking crack, hiring prostitutes, sleeping with his brother’s wife, and facilitating corrupt business dealings in Ukraine and China for “the Big Guy”.
    Oh, and for selling terrible $500,000 paintings which surely don’t buy influence with the White House…
    But because he is the President’s son, Hunter is entitled to Secret Service protection.
    Hunter decided to settle down in ritzy Malibu, California. And that means the Secret Service needed to find accommodations for its agents in the expensive area.
    Therefore taxpayers have been footing the bill to rent a $30,000 per month Malibu mansion “with gorgeous ocean views” next door to Hunter Biden’s home.
    Apparently he hasn’t sold enough of his artwork to pay for his own security.

    French President: “I am opposed to self-defense”
    Just like in many “progressive utopias”, crime in France is on the rise.
    Last week, four robbers broke into the home of a 35 year old farmer in the French village of Longre. The man was with his three year old daughter at the time. And, concerned for his daughter’s safety, he fired a rifle at the trespassers, killing one of them.
    The father has now been indicted for murder.
    Reacting to the news, French President Macron said he is “opposed to self-defense” because “otherwise it becomes the Wild West.”
    He said he did not want a country where “it’s up to the citizens to defend themselves.”
    Apparently this father was supposed to permit the criminals who entered his house to do whatever they wanted to his home and family.

    State COVID Relief Funds Spent on Child Support, Ski Resorts, and Prisons
    Last year, the US federal government handed out COVID relief funds to state governments as part of a $1.9 trillion package.
    The Associated Press uncovered a number of uses that clearly had nothing to do with COVID.
    For example, $6.6 million was spent to replace irrigation systems at a Colorado Springs golf course.
    $12 million went to renovating a minor league baseball stadium in New York, and $2 million helped Pottawattamie County, Iowa buy a private ski area.
    Alabama spent $400 million in COVID aid to build new prisons.
    Other states spent millions on tourism campaigns, hotels, parking enforcement, and museums.
    This “emergency” spending was the justification for the US to sink deeper in debt, print more money, and drive inflation to a 40 year high.

    Update: California’s Diversity Law Ruled Unconstitutional
    In 2020, California passed a law which required all public companies based in the state to include certain “diverse” members on their boards of directors.
    This could be satisfied by appointing someone from an “underrepresented community” based on race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
    But a California court ruled that the law violates the California Constitution’s “equal protection” clause.
    That means the state cannot enforce laws that treat people differently based on their race, ethnicity, or sexual preference.
    Progressives can’t help but implement explicitly prejudiced laws… always in the name of equality.
    Canada to Ban Foreigners From Buying Real Estate
    Home prices in Canada have risen by about 50% since 2020. But Canadian politicians think they have found the culprit: foreigners who buy Canadian homes.
    Therefore, Canada’s proposed budget for the next year includes “new measures that will ban foreign investment in residential real estate.”
    “To make sure that housing is owned by Canadians instead of foreign investors,” the budget will propose a two year ban on foreigners buying “non-recreational, residential property in Canada.”
    The ban does not apply to permanent residents, international students, or those in Canada on work visas.
    In addition, foreigners who already own homes in Canada will be subject to a new “underused housing tax.”
    To your freedom,

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