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The Clark County Fair and Rodeo is back officially today, meaning lots of entertainment and shows to help keep the fair-goers excited and give them a delightful and fun time. This year there are several acts that will no doubt bring in crowds and have been at the annual event in the past. However, this year there is a new musical band all of Mesquite residents who have in a very short time, built up an unfathomable reputation of giving some of the best performances around. 

Paul and Linda Villanueva provide amazing voices for a performance of a lifetime as The Mesquite Café Blues Band will be performing at the Showcase Stage at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

The Mesquite Café Blue Band has become a trio of soulful personalities and a blend of musical genius which crowds can not seem to get enough of. The husband-wife combo provides the voices for the music while a good friend provides the sweet humming of the harmonica to add the beat to the passionate music.

Paul Villanueva, a retired Police Lieutenant of Riverside, California, has been performing locally for years with multiple groups, including the musical group Bottoms Up.

Paul first started attending local Jam Sessions at the Stateline in Mesquite back in 2015. It was here where he met Wayne Andreola, from New Jersey, who organized and ran the Jam Sessions. Wayne is now part of the band as the harmonica player. Paul started out as a drummer for the previous musical bands he performed with. They toured around locally and even played at the Hurricane Peach Festival, gaining some notoriety.

“Then the pandemic happened and everything changed,” said Paul. “Members of the band moved and several left for other reasons.”

Linda provides vocals and helps put on a show with her capability to perform and entertain the audience. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

It was at that time that Linda entered the spotlight…

“She has always had a pretty voice, but it was at this time of her joining the band that she really opened up and went crazy,” said Paul. “She is a performer.”

Linda, who worked as a civilian employee for a police department, has always liked to sing but never really did it in public on a performance stage before.

“She was a natural,” said Paul. “I am one lucky guy. She is my ‘Hot Sauce’.”

“We had 2 performances on our own, just me and her, but then we had Wayne join us and he has been with us since,” explained Paul about the creation of the Mesquite Café Blues Band.

The Mesquite Café Blue Band recently has performed at the Mesquite Showgirls annual fundraiser, Denim and Diamonds Valentine Dance on February 14th. Then they also did a free performance for all those who attended at the Mesquite Library Pavilion on March 6th. They had nothing but praise hailing from everyone in the audience. Paul has built a reputation of true iconic blues with a fitting voice to the genre of music and originality of the music they have written and are now performing. They also do covers of some of the biggest blues hits.

Wayne provides the beat of the Blues for the Mesquite Café Blues Band. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

Linda has become an iconic expression of emotions and expression of true music as she has stolen the spotlight in giving the audience a true performance.

“We have been so blessed to be where we are at the present,” said Paul. “We are excited and looking forward to performing at the fair. Our goal is to put on a really good show so that next year, we will be one of the main acts and on the Plaza Stage.”

The Mesquite Café Blues Band will be performing on Thursday, April 7th, and Friday, April 8th at the Clark County Fair at 1301 Whipple Avenue in Logandale, Nevada. They will be performing at 11:00 am at the Showcase Stage on both days. The Showcase Stage is by the Southwestern exit of the fairgrounds.

Map of the Clark County Fairgrounds (Courtesy of Clark County Fair)

The Mesquite Café Blues Band has its own website at You can find out more information about their band, and upcoming performances, buy their new CD “Oozing Da Blues”, or book them for a performance at an event.

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