Campbell Smith is a Virgin Valley High School senior who works part-time as a line cook and will soon head off to New York to attend the Culinary Institute of America. She wanted to give back to the organization that helped her be the primary caretaker of her father as he went through metastatic lung cancer which eventually took him from her in 2020.

Mesquite Cancer Help Society is a non-profit organization that directly helps families in our area deal with cancer. They not only provide financial support for needed services like chemotherapy, radiation, prescriptions, and travel expenses but they also have support group meetings, speakers, books, and educational materials about cancer. MCHS members present for the fundraiser were very impressed with all of the students involved.

Smith said, “MCHS provides so many services to cancer patients and their families. They work very hard for the patients and families to get them what they need. They really do a fantastic job and it helps relieve some of the stress and financial issues for the family.” She feels it is very important to have access to care and support for the cancer patient and family.

Campbell applied her love of cooking to help raise over $1,000. She gathered at the VVHS culinary kitchen with Maleah Krause, Savannah Poole, Jenna Walters, Elizabeth Glammeyer, and Sharon Rae along with their advisor for the day, Mr. Roylance, and prepared a meal of blackened chicken, cheesy grits and a delicious sweet coleslaw. The meals were purchased and distributed on a first come drive thru basis on April 2nd at VVHS.

The Mesquite Cancer Help Society also has two other major fundraisers during the year. Both take place in October. They would appreciate your support at the golf tournament and with the Fire Department Boot Drive. In addition, you can support the group on amazon through this link

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