The traffic on NB is backed up for over 5 miles due to an accident. (Photo: Ken Juber)

UPDATE: April 3rd @ 4:00 PM PST- Got reports of an accident on Old Hwy 91 with no traffic moving as they are performing a flight for life procedure with a helicopter. Expect major delays through Old Dixie/Old Hwy 91.

Original Article: April 3rd @ approximately 3:45 PM PST.

Another accident on I-15 Northbound is causing yet again traffic backup as well as the construction at Beaver Dam and Bunkerville Exits is causing a slowing down of traffic and more congestion.  Expect more major delays and long waits in traffic. 

Most are recommending the longer route around up north through Caliente and Alamo from Vegas and into Cedar City via Utah State Hwy 56 if going North. Some are reporting in and saying if traveling or going South, you might as well go that route as well. The northern alternative reroute takes an estimated 3-1/2 hours but most are finding it takes approximately the same amount of time going through I-15 with the construction and traffic problems. The reroute is also known for its spectacular landscape and views as it goes through several state parks and magnificent beauty.

The back routes through Bunkerville, Mesquite, and Littlefield are also busy and congested with traffic. 


All of the accidents recently have been due to excessive speeds and reckless driving, especially pertaining to merging. The lack of consideration of braking time, especially in giving enough braking time to semi-trucks is being disregarded by non-semi drivers. Please drive in consideration of others, especially heavier vehicles.

Once again expect major traffic problems and please all drivers be careful and drive at the posted speeds.

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