Mesquite, NV-

At about 1:15 pm, the National Weather Service in Las Vegas issued a national weather alert for the Southern Nevada, Northwestern Arizona, and Southern Utah regions. This is for high winds and dust storms. The warning gave an issue of low to no visibility when driving and to pull over or not drive when the visibility is poor. People with breathing and other respiratory issues are encouraged to stay inside and/or take precautionary steps.

A view of the dust storm rolling through Mesquite. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

The severe dust storm warning is in effect until 2:15 pm PST. However, the weather may remain until later tonight. According to the weather reports from the Weather Channel, today will have prevalent winds with up to gusts of potentially 50 mph. Most wind gusts will remain about 25 mph – 35 mph. Later tonight there should be showers with steady rain with a 70% chance and steady fall throughout the night. Up to a quarter through half-inch predicted. The highs of 82°F will drop suddenly when the moisture collects and falls to a low of 55°F.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th will have AM Showers, but the weather will remain cooler as the high will only get to 68°F and a low of 50°F.

The National Weather Service Emergency Alert was issued earlier today! (Courtesy of US National Weather Service)

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