Mesquite, NV-

On Saturday, April 2nd from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Mesquite will have the opportunity to enjoy its first Autism Awareness Festival.  The City of Mesquite Athletics and Leisure Services Department has teamed up with Mommas on a Mission to host this event.  This free event will take place at the Mesquite Recreation Center West Field. At 11:15 AM there will be a 2-lap Autism Awareness Walk followed by the festival.  Guests will be able to play carnival games, attend booths, and enjoy food.  Guests are encouraged to wear blue on the day of the event.

‘Mommas on a Mission’ parent support group is a private Facebook group created on November 7, 2016, by Lilianna Medina. In this group, you will find families that have children with special needs. The group provides information to the parents regarding services and resources that are available in and outside of our community. Mommas on a Mission provides workshops to help families support their students in the special education programs and they strive to make all families feel welcomed. They host several events for children to support social skills and give them the opportunity for positive interactions with others.

Mommas on a Mission is a group that is run by parent volunteers and contributions to make it a success.  The group is very proud of the growth they have achieved over the past five years and hopes to continue offering group events and public awareness events for the community.  They feel they are making a difference in the community and making it a better place for their children.

It is estimated that Autism affects 1 in 44 children in the United States today.  Autism, also called autism spectrum disorder,  is a condition that includes challenges with language acquisition, communication, and behaviors such as obsessive interests and repetitive movements.  It is a developmental and neurological disorder where symptoms often appear during early childhood and last throughout a person’s life.

A person with Autism can accomplish amazing things in this world.  There are many famous people who have identified with being on the autism spectrum and worked to make a difference for others. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned scientist, professor, and inventor, is one of the most famous examples of someone with autism.  She is a crusader in educating the world about autism.  She strongly feels that people with autism bring skills that should be nurtured for their benefit and society.

Take time this weekend to support the families in our community at the first Autism Festival.  It is important to remember that connections are the glue that holds communities together.  Without these connections, our community can stagnate and decline.  This festival is a great opportunity to build connections that makes our community healthy.

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